Free CDCs Global Health essay example

CDCs are federal agencies of United States placed under the Human services and Health Department whose headquarter is at Druid Hills in the Greater Atlanta. The agency’s sole purpose is public health protection and safety provision through the dissemination of information thus, enhancing decision making on health issues.These CDCs comprise of those dealing with foodborne and infectious diseases, prevention of injury, environmental health, and many more. All these programs aid in health improvement of the Americans. Environmental health is one the constituents of CDC in the United States. It’s concerned with the built and natural environment aspects that may be detrimental to human health. This branch has made tremendous achievements in the control and assessment of environmental factors that are potentially harmful to human health. This CDC aims at reducing and minimizing the direct effects of radiation, biological agents, and chemicals as well as their effects on the wellbeing of the entire social, physical and psychological environment.

Through the continuous work of this CDC, the life expectancy of the Americans has improved due to the measure put in place towards the quality of air they inhale. This has been through the devising of the most appropriate ways of counteracting effects of global warming as well as toxic emissions.Foodborne illness agency is another constituent of the CDC. The disease usually occurs due to the consumption of contaminated beverages or foods. There are many and varied types of foodborne infections resulting from the many pathogens or microbes which cause diseases through food contamination.CDC uses a special disease surveillance called food net in monitoring most prevalent foodborne ailments in US.This has resulted to increased longevity in terms of reduced mortality rates in the US.

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