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So many different websites offer various types of custom writing services, and each website claims to be the most reliable, dependable, affordable, and proficient. But have you ever thought of what stands behind these claims? Unfortunately, very often, these claims have no relevant support. In other words, companies that claim to be so relevant, dependable, and professional, simply have no proofs to support their assumptions. Everything is different with, because the company has a history of delivering only authentic and original papers to customers. The company has spent many years developing and preserving its positive business reputation. In the table below you can find useful information to learn how to distinguish between relevant and fraudulent writing companies. Fraudulent Companies
Our company is fully legitimate and strongly dedicated to providing quality services. We guarantee that all transactions involving our company are fully confidential. You can learn everything about our company in our terms and conditions. Fraudulent companies have nothing beyond their websites and cannot be based anywhere, even though they claim to have a UK or US office. These companies cannot guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of their transactions.
Our focus is on original papers, which are written from scratch. Our writers know how to surprise your professor and avoid any plagiarism accusations. Fraudulent companies send plagiarized papers to their customers. This means that you can lose your perfect reputation and even a chance to become a student.
We deliver only original papers written from scratch. We follow your instructions and requirements, while working on your order. Fraudulent companies sell one and the same paper many times, and your professor will easily identify plagiarism in your work.
We do not charge any extra fees, and you always know how much you have to pay even before you place an order. Fraudulent companies have a well-developed system of hidden charges. Thus, by the time you want to place an order, you have to pay twice as much as you have expected.
We hire only native English-speaking professionals, who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specific field. These writers don’t know how to write bad papers! Fraudulent companies select only foreign writers, who make serious mistakes and cannot produce quality papers. These writers have no degrees and qualifications, and the highest mark you can earn for their work is an “F”.
Our customer support is available 24/7, and our helpful professionals can help you any time, no matter when you contact us. We always know how to answer your questions, and our customer care representatives always know everything about your order. Fraudulent companies do not have available customer support, and you will hardly ever manage to contact them. Their chat is either offline or absent at all, their phones are busy, and they never reply to your emails. No wonder, you don’t even know what’s going on with your paper.
With us, you can contact the writer and provide more detailed information regarding your paper. Fraudulent companies do not allow their customers to contact the writer. Consequently, you cannot communicate with the person, who is working on your paper. You cannot also know whether the writer understands your instructions.
We always deliver papers on time. Fraudulent companies will never send your paper on time. As a result, you cannot know if you have anything to show to your professor when the paper is due.

We try not to make any false claims, and we never say that we charge the lowest prices. We are absolutely reasonable about business and profits, and we know that quality cannot be cheap. We know that our proficient writers will never work for free, but we also know that we invest a huge deal of effort and talent in producing quality papers for you. So, next time you try to save your costs, think twice whether you really need a low-quality product at a low price. With, you will have a chance to work with the best writers, who value their talent and value their customers. We do not write for free, but our prices are absolutely competitive. So, every time you order a paper from, you know that it will be the best!

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