Huntington’s Disease Essay Example for Free

Huntington’s disease is a disease that is inherited and has very destructive outcomes in an individual since it majorly results into the slow but sure degeneration of the brain’s nerve cells. The disease therefore has widespread effects on an individual’s abilities to function. This means that it upsets the proper coordination of the thought and motion processes in individuals. These basically represent the psychosocial aspects that human beings exhibit. Therefore an alteration in the thought and motion processes consequently lead to disruption of the psychological processes that constitute human beings.

In discussing the psychosocial issues in Huntington’s disease we are forced to identify the key components of an individual’s social environs. These are majorly classified into speech (communication), behavior and thought. Therefore, much focus should be given to the changes that result in these three areas of human beings once this disease is detected in them. For instance, it causes a high dependency ratio among the infected. This is because it weakens one’s ability to properly take care of himself. As concerns matters of communication, this disease makes it hard for individuals to communicate amicably so that they do not let their problems known.

This increases cases of isolation that further enhance the prospects of suicide as a result of personality disorders or disillusionment that could lead to the infected being wild or even murderous. This condition generally interferes with an individual’s cognitive ability as well as the behavioral process. As a result of behavioral changes, an individual may tend to develop faulty judgments that would result into hallucinations and even create situations of paranoia that could be poisonous to the infected.  Despite the fact that the individuals and their family members tend to find themselves in conditions of despair, they are encouraged to cope with the physical or mental losses that could otherwise result.

Since this disease has no cure, those whose lineages are affected by this condition are advised to create kind of buffer situations to lessen the severity of this disease. Researchers have proven worthy as various medications have been used to reduce certain symptoms of this disease and hopefully with the dynamic advancements being witnessed in the fields of technology and medicine, a cure will be found.

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