Observation Essay Examples as a Prompt for Observation Essays Writing

Observation essay examples can help you not only understand how to write an observation essay but also realize what observation essay really is. Among different types of essays, observation essay gives students an opportunity to express their own impression of some item, event or a person.

By using observation essay sample, you can cope with your task easier, as it will provide all necessary information on paper structure and the ways to write it regardless of the essay topics.

If you look at an online observation essay example, you will see that its aim is to share personal experience connected to some event in your life. However, it has to be done in a way to make the readers interested in something that was interesting to you. Different observation essay examples can give you a hint on how to do it properly.

Personal Experience

The most important in observation essay writing is personal experience. However, a good paper requires more sophisticated approach. You have not only to share your emotions and feeling but also to do it in a professional manner. It requires describing events chronologically and in details. In this case, taking notes will be useful. The main aim is to make a reader familiar with the situation and provide detailed description of the event.

Our observation essay samples will help you understand the structure, the aim and the purpose of observation essay much better.

Plea Bargaining Observation Essay Example

The international and national laws contribute to the maintenance of human rights and freedom, and the promotion of their development and respect are being among the basic postulates of the UNO Charter (Herman, 2012). Thus, the internal affairs department of any state performs strict regulation of rights and freedoms. Based on the principles of democracy…

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Two Similar Real Life Court Cases

How to write an essay on court cases The paper closely examines two cases concerning discrimination; the case filed by Haddad accusing Wal-Mart of sex (gender) discrimination and Wal-Mart v. Yvonne Loskot of De sotto optical stores (Wal-Mart). Discrimination refers to treatment of people in an unacceptable and unfair way with the belief that they…

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Stem Cell Research Essay

The Positive Aspects of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Various controversial and moral stricken subjects have been put into question in today’s modern society. Some of which include gay marriage, and abortion etc. Yet one of the most controversial has to be stem cell research. Basically Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have two defining properties:…

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Erickson Developmental Theory in Practice Essay

Erickson Developmental Theory in Practice: Observation It was believed by Erikson that childhood forms a very significant stage in personality development. He went on accepting many theories that put forward by Freud, including the id and ego. He also accepted infantile sexuality theory that was proposed by Freud. However, Erikson rejected the claims that were…

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Squirrel Ethogram & Behavior Observation Essay

For this assignment, I observed a gray squirrel. Squirrels are interesting animals to observe and study. Apart from having a rich and complex range of behaviors, squirrels are easy to observe. Squirrels are indigenous to Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia. In general, squirrels range in size from 7-10 cm in length, and 10 g in…

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Virtual Reality Essay

Virtual Reality Essay Example for free Thesis statement The paper will be elaborating on the advantages and the disadvantages of virtual world. Virtual World A virtual world can be defined as an online community that entails people interacting with each other and in most cases it takes the form of a simulated environment that is…

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Social Norms and Human Behaviour Observation Essay Example

Norms are the rules and guidelines by which a group of people live by. It’s a standard form of living which is acceptable by all persons in a given set up. They are those behaviors which develop from the social value of a society and help in defining the expected code of conduct at any…

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Judgmental Models Essay Example

Judgmental Models Free Essay Example Judgmental Models – These are set of techniques that include Delphi Model, that rely on expertise, experience and intuition. These are some of the historical data that were not available or when the decision makers needed to foresee further into the future. Statistical Time series models are mostly applicable for…

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Criminal Justice Essay: Workplace Observation Paper

Criminal Justice Workplace Observation Free Essay Example The performance of different organizations rests on different factors that influence how objectives are met. In much organization, there exist behavioral climates that characterize the entity. As a result of this climate, an organization is shaped towards a given form that uniquely identifies it. With a focus on…

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Hispanic and American Culture Essay: Relations

American and Hispanic Culture Essay Example Introduction Culture has generated many in people’s mind and they all act differently in almost all social aspects of life e.g. religion, personality, belief structure, education, dressing, eating, naming, and relationships. The world today has become a global village and most people are travelling from their native homes to…

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Observation Paper on Language Development

Language Development free essay example The domains of language include the steps that one goes through as they learn a certain language. Different communities use language differently hence; language acquisition becomes diverse. Language has several domains that guide the development as well as acquisition process.  This is the domain of discourse that deals with the…

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Naturalistic Observations Essay Example

Naturalistic Observations and Evaluation Naturalistic observations are the gathering of information in the field of interest without alteration or modification of the environment. The objective of naturalistic observation in psychology is to evaluate the character of an organism (human being included) in a natural setting. The research under analysis was conducted in Starbucks with the…

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William E. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington Essay

The Views of William Du Bois in The Souls of Black Folk and Booker T. Washington in Up from Slavery Intellectual Views Classical Education: Blacks should be taught classical education such as history and philosophy, as a means of preparing them for leadership roles. He advocated for higher education for Negros as a way of…

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Social Constructionism Essay Example

Social Construction free essay example Social constructionism is a theory or group of theories that seek to explain happenings or phenomena within a given setting. The issues under focus in this article is an attempt to explain the general meaning of given social scenarios, behaviors of individuals and happenings   in the society (Warren, 2004) .it…

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Spending Times at the Airport Essay

I spent some time at the airport in check-in, security and the departure gate situations with the aim of observing nonverbal communications in terms of interpersonal relations. In the process, I observed movements & body position, physical, eyes gazing patterns as well as non-verbal cues of voice patterns. As people walked towards each other greeting…

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Ethnic and Racial Diversity Observation

Racial Diversity Free Essay Example Racism is a phenomenon that provides an explanation to a certain myth in relation to race or an ethnic community thereby making it inferior and less treasured compared to others in social, cultural and economic practices. In most schools, racism is often noted amongst students themselves; some of the notable…

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Australian Aborigines Alcoholism Essay

Helping the Australian Aborigines Alcoholism and drug abuse among Australian Aborigines are interlinked with other issues, particularly social issues caused by the impact of hardship, family dispersal, dispossession and colonization (Strong Spirit Strong Mind, 2005). Often, the excessive alcohol consumption by Indigenous people leads to various problems, including violence, health problems, community breakdown, financial breakdown,…

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Goose Ethogram Observation Essay Example

The objective of this Ethogram is to observe a Canadian goose (Branta Canadensis) behavior in its natural habitat and come up with a detailed and conclusive report about its behavior. The Canada goose is a familiar sight all year in Ontario’s water side parks. It belong to animal kingdom scientifically known as animalia, the phylum…

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Observation Analysis

A theory is the provision of general explanation for the observations made over the time while a model is the mental picture which helps in the understanding of something we can’t see or experience directly. In the case below observed in a class setting of students and the learning environment (Albert, 2005). The theories observed…

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