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When you start writing your film critique essay, make sure you understand the difference between a film review and a film critique. When you are working on a film critique essay, you are required to analyze the movie in terms of the narrative structure, symbolism, semiotics, cultural and historical background, and other criteria. If these concepts have not been known to you before, do not worry – they will be explained later on. When you provide an analysis, in some way it resembles the process of providing a rhetorical analysis of some text. Particularly, you have to focus on the critical analysis of the discourse, the usage of vocabulary, specific phrases, words, and imagery among others. Moreover, one of the fundamental aspects of writing a film critique essay is to provide a clear and strong argument backed up by supporting evidence, examples, and illustrations.

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When you are assigned a film critique essay, keep in mind that it is a challenging task as you have to focus on visual and audio aspects of the movie, thus introducing a new perspective to the analysis. You just have to come up with proper structure, namely think of the constituents that make up a movie: the scene, the characters, the colors, the audio, different perspectives, etc. You need to pay attention to the common elements as well. These are characters, plots, symbols, settings, dialogues, etc.

When working on a movie critique paper, please make sure that you do not merely provide a plot summary but also focus on the evaluation of what issues the movie addresses and what message it aims to convey. Make sure that you do not provide more than 20% of the movie summary.

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Writing a Movie Analysis: Accept the Challenge

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Requirements for an Effective Movie Analysis Paper

When you are just planning how to compose a critical essay on a specific movie, keep in mind that the most important parts of the paper are analysis and interpretation. When you have a look at a film critique example, please pay attention to how the writer discussed the impact the movie had on him/ her, how he/ she conveys the core idea of the movie, etc. When you are working on a movie critique, please consider that you should not merely retell the story but focus on the evaluation of content. Do not merely discuss the things that lie on surface – go way deeper and discuss some implications you have got after watching the movie. When working on a movie critique, please consider that you need to provide your personal evaluation, reflection or opinion on the movie you have watched.

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How to Start a Movie Critique?

Be sure that it is recommended to highlight all the themes of the movie and also provide specific examples of scenes and how the theme is revealed. Moreover, keep in mind that a film analysis paper differs a lot from ordinary assignments, such as essays, research papers or term papers.

There is a lot more to be aware of, so pay attention to the following strategies and tips:

  • Make sure you have sufficient time to watch the movie. Please keep in mind that you may sometimes need to watch the movie more than once (or even more than twice) in order to understand it properly and deeply. While watching, make sure you take notes, namely jot down facts about the scenes, characters, dialogues, etc.
  • Get familiar with others’ opinions on the movie. Try to be objective however and do not get easily impacted by others’ reviews. These feedbacks on the movie may merely help you understand the importance of specific scenes and the movie overall.
  • If you are not required to provide a reflection, use the third-person narrative when working on the paper.
  • Do not merely focus on retelling the story – provide a critical analysis.
  • Provide supporting facts to your claims and arguments.

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Classification of Film Analysis Essays

If you think that, when working on a movie critique, you should only know the structure and the ways of organization, you are really mistaken. Furthermore, you need to come up with a proper writing style and make sure that you are consistent in what you write about.

  • Semiotic film analysis. This movie analysis type focuses on signs and symbols present in the movie. As such, you need to investigate their meanings and role. Apart from mere interpretation, you should also emphasize on the relation between the symbols, their role in the movie, the settings where they are used, etc.
  • Narrative analysis. When writing this type of a film critique, make sure you focus on the plot and explore the themes and subject matter that are evident and relevant to the storyline.
  • Contextual analysis. Here you should focus on the background or environment in which the story unfolds. Make sure you focus on each event that in some way influences the events in the movie.
  • Mise-en-scene analysis. You need to focus on the visual phenomena that can be noticed in the movie.

As you are working on the movie analysis, make sure you identify what type of analysis paper you need. Make sure you follow the organizational and structural requirements.

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