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Writing a Movie Review: Essential Points

Writing a movie review is one of the common written assignments that students should complete when they are at university or college. Even though the process of writing a movie can seem very simple at first sight, this piece of writing requires plenty of time, effort, and attentiveness to details. If you working on a movie review, you should not simply dwell on what you see on the screen but go much deeper than it is.

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How to Write a Movie Review Essay: Practical Piece of Advice

It is always complicated to begin any kind of work, and writing a movie review is not an exception to this rule. This is the essential point where you determine in which way and manner you will approach your writing assignment.

Below are a few practical piece of advice on how to complete a movie review:

  • Watch the set or chosen movie for several times and take some notes of the most important things, such as characters, setting, plot, cast, music, etc.
  • Conduct a thorough and in-depth research. Simply watching a movie is not enough, take into account that research is of great importance. Search for such details as the names of film producer, film maker, film director and her / his motivation to create that movie, plot, locations, historical events, characterization, etc that have served as pieces of inspiration for the movie. Your research ought to serve to gather the info that provides more clarity and depth to your movie review.
  • Make an analysis of the movie after having watched it. Avoid working on the movie review if you failed to understand it. Evaluate the movie from the very beginning to the very end. Revise some confusing or unclear parts.
  • Prepare a detailed outline which you should stuck to while writing your review in a cohesive, clear and coherent way.
  • Include a few examples to support your claims concerning the film. Provide examples when commenting dialogues, locations, plot, everything. If you want the future readers to agree with your point of view, it is imperative to back up each of your claims with corroborative piece of evidence.
  • Consider and provide some comments concerning the quality and originality of the movie. Give explanations on how the film stands out of others in the same genre.

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How to Write a Movie Review Essay: Essential Structural Elements

Each movie review should comprise such structural elements as:

  • Introduction (title, key actors, release date, and background info should be indicated in it);
  • Summary of the movie;
  • Analysis of the essential elements of the plot:
  • Creative and original such as characters, dialogues, camera / sound / color / action techniques, costumes, mood, symbols, tone, or anything that significantly takes away or contributes from the film plot);
  • Opinions supported with clear examples or facts from the movie;
  • Conclusion (indicating whether the film director was successful in her / his purpose, focus on your viewpoint and mention key pieces of your analysis).

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