What Is an Article Critique?

Students get a variety of academic writing assignments during their studying. Still, according to popular estimates, the most challenging tasks are those that require application of critical and analytical thinking. As such, to ease you the task of writing analytical papers, our company’s professionals have provided an article critique example to help you deal with this complicated assignment.

Regardless of the writing type, different academic assignments play a considerable role in the student’s overall academic success. There are students who are good at academic writing and who always complete assignments on time and get excellent grades. On the other hand, there are students who find it hard to deal with their academic assignments and submit them on time due to personal life issues, social life, relationships, work, and other reasons.

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Concerning the level of knowledge as well as critical and analytical thinking skills, one of the most difficult assignments is the writing of paper critiques. Usually, students get much stress from this type of assignment as one is required to be objective when writing a critique. Moreover, it is required to get the fundamental principles of a specific topic in order to be able to discuss it properly. Therefore, one of the vital principles is to manage your time wisely and devote sufficient time for the preparation stage, research stage, the very writing stage, and revision stage. The main task of article critique writing is to provide a critical evaluation of the core points of the article and connect it to the broad topic. In any case, if you face difficulties with your critique writing, you can use our article critique writing service.

Before you start working on any type of academic paper, it is essential to know the definition and purpose of writing. The same is when you work on an article critique – you should clearly understand the main objective of writing and be able to define the core meaning of an article critique.

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So, an article critique paper is a piece of research or literary writing, where a writer is supposed to analyze a specific problem or issue outlined in the article in the most objective way possible. At the same time, it should be clear from what one writes which standpoint he/ she takes and why. For example, if you are writing a critique on a specific article, you should pinpoint to whether you agree or disagree with the main topic or idea of the article. Moreover, any arguments that you present in the article critique should be adequately supported with evidence, examples, and other illustrations.

It is essential to draw a clear boundary between critique writing and summary writing. Many students confuse critique writing with ordinary report writing and try to discuss the article by summarizing its core aspects. However, when you take a look at an article critique example, you will find out that the summation part may only take up one paragraph of the article critique writing. Our expert writers will provide you with valuable tips and guidelines on how to write an article critique and will provide a successful article critique example.

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Process of Writing an Article Critique:

One of the first things one needs to understand is that writing an article critique does not mean finding negative aspects of the article and criticizing it. When you look at article critique samples, you will see that it is a well-balanced critical discussion of the main points outlines in the article.

  • Do not postpone the writing process but start working on the assignment as soon as you got it. Procrastination is your worst enemy when it comes to critique writing.
  • Read the assigned article and try to understand the topic. If needed, search for some further information and conduct background research. If needed, please use outside sources but remember to cite them in text if you use them.
  • Regardless of whether the article is useful or not, good or bad, make sure you provide solid argumentation to your claims. Make sure you adequately prove your viewpoint.
  • Before submitting the article, make sure you edit and proofread it.

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