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As it may be seen from the response essay examples, these types of essays require less formal writing compared to a book review, for example. Actually, it is expected from a writer to express his thoughts using the first person, which makes the paper more personalized. The article below will provide you some response essay tips in regard to response writing. However, if you do not know how to write a response essay, you can always use a professional response essay sample, which will demonstrate the main writing techniques regardless of the essay topics.

It is important to remember that even if the paper allows you some freedom in writing, it is still an academic piece of writing.

Writing a response paper requires from a writer to read a text, understand it, single out a point he/she wants to respond to and provide an analytical piece of writing. Considering that response paper writing is an academic activity, the writer should avoid emotional representation of information. It should be supported with evidence and be credible. It is important to note that response writing is mostly based on your own feelings connected to the text.

Lingua Franca in the Arabic Region Argumentative Essay Example

Abstract English is increasingly becoming popular across the globe. The proliferation of technological devices, the raised Internet penetration, and the effects of globalization have stimulated the spread and the usage of English in the Arab Peninsula. Consequently, English seemed to usurp the Modern Standard Arabic as the lingua franca in the area. Analysis, however, indicates…

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Poetry & Music Essay

Music and Modern Literature Free Essays Example While we are children life comes to us easy. It only reveals its true self to us when we grow up and face utmost and demanding challenges where we fall a lot before we succeed and land on a fortunate life. A song that depicts the very notion…

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Response Paper Sample

Photography is a major component of today’s progression. It basically helps individuals to conceptualize the world in its various spheres into an ideal mental object thereby quickening their understanding of it. Instances of application such as in surveillance and evidence proofs clearly show this. Their ease of interpretation and acquisition gives them an undoubted edge…

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Response Essay Example

Response Essay Example for Free Write out the sentence you think is the thesis The sentence that shows the thesis of the argument that is put in place is the one that state, diversity in education is just as important as the access itself. This sows the thesis to be argued about, as the access…

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Science vs. Art Essay Example

Science and Arts Essay Example for free To answer the question on which between science and art is more useful to mankind, we have to consider the nature of both disciplines, as well as their contributions to mankind. Art, as a discipline, requires the use of one’s creative skills in order to make an artistic…

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English As A Second Language Essay Example

Response on the Essay ‘English as a Second Language’ The writer of the essay “English as a Second Language” has made good effort towards bringing the reader to an understanding of the role of higher education in the society. On a general note, the essay is interesting with great ideas being communicated. Nonetheless, the writer…

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Animal Cruelty Essay Example

Anima cruelty has been practice for millenniums by humans who strive to kill animals to get meat, fur and other products. In this paper I am going to discuss five videos that I watched on animal cruelty. The first video I watched about horses, ‘They Were Forgotten’ about horses’. The veteran man’s very loyal companions have…

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Essay on the Importance of Higher Education

The final essay on the Importance of Higher Education writer has proven great improvement and development in assay writing. The writer has accurately identified the topic that so specifically matches the ideas discussed in the essay. The opening paragraph and introduction for the essay is so carefully written that a reader of the first paragraph…

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Just Walk On By

The issue addressed is about perceived security threat due to one being a Negro or black. The writer and quoted writers show that the black individuals were directly associated to all sorts of violence in their locality. The person addressing in the text finds himself being perceived as a security threat to the vulnerable in…

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Behind Illness by Larry Dossey Personal Response

The story THE LIGHT OF HEALTH THE SHADOW of the book Behind Illness by Larry Dossey is an interesting work that focuses on different aspects of our daily life. Larry puts more emphasis in this story when putting into consideration especially when putting into consideration significance of human health. In the story, Larry also emphasizes…

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Essay Response

The essay written by the student in defense of diversity of education is fantastic. From this writing, it is apparent that the student is making good progress towards developing an essay that is comprehensive. The ideals standards against which such essays are evaluated are on development of good essay content with flowing ideas, appropriate formatting,…

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War Dances by Sherman Alexie Essay

Response Essay of the Book War Dances War Dances by Sherman Alexie is a collection of poems and short stories that portray the author’s American and Indian heritage. The book was published by Grove Press in October, 2009. In his work, the author explores stereotype through the use of examples of situation s that he…

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Article Response Essay Example

The essay is a response to an article titled “Will We Still Turn Pages?” published in Monday, Jun. 19, 2000 and written by Kelvin Kelly. The article is as critical examination of the older version of reading compared to the current form of reading mainly shaped by Microsoft. The two groups discussed include people of…

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Korean Cinema

Recent sociological studies have found out that institutional disorganization and loss of social function has been attributed to the modernization of the society. In a religious context, the greatest impact of modernization is the process of secularization which can be described as the process in which religion loses its hold on institutions and human consciousness….

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Its Mixing

The article published on 2010 11 February talks of a 17 year old Miss Helene Hegemann who has gained fame like no one else in the field of writing books. The book gives a story of a 16 years old girl who is discovering drugs as well as clubs in Berlin after the death of…

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