Tablet Dosage Forms Biology Free Essay Example

Enteral medications are taken orally, after which they pass through the oral tract, where they are finally absorbed by the liver. Tablet dosage is a form in which one can take enteral medications. Tablet dosage is the most common of dosage forms. Drug molecules make up the tablet and their manufacturing is very simple. In formulation as a tablet, 0.01mg of a drug dose can be administered to 1mg of a drug dose by oral route. The dosage form is obtained by a complex process. The drug powder is compressed . Tablets vary in shape and size. It is a popular dosage form and 70% of the medicines come in tablet form.

Ingredients of the tablets include:

· Drug-hydrobic.

· Lubricant-usually quite hydrobic.

· Granualting agents-tend to stick ingredients together.

· Filler-may interact with the drug.

· Wetting Agent-helps in the penetration of water into the tablet.

Tablets are coated to remove unpleasant taste and to improve the appearance of the tablet. Disintegration helps in breaking the tablet apart, wetting agent help in making the tablet.

Disadvantages of tablets are:

· It is not easy for children to take such tablets.

· It is not possible for old people to swallow tablets.

Tablets if taken orally can be harmful. Eg.-Salbutamolcan cause heart diseases if taken orally .

Tablets can be of the types:

· Compressed tablet

· Paracetamol tablet

· Chewable tablets used in case of children

· Delayed release tablets

· Sugar coated tablets

· Film coated tablets

Tablets used for oral cavity are:

· Buccal tablet- for vitamin C

· Sublingual tablet-Eg. Vicks Menthol tablet

· Troches or lozenges tablet

· Dental cone

Tablets to prepare solution:

· Effervescent tablet

· Dispensing tablet

· Hydodermic

· Tablet triturates

Tablets to administer through other routes:

· Implantation tablet

· Vaginal tablet Eg. clotrimazol tablet

· Soluble tablets which can dissolve in water. Only patented companies use them.

Propeties of tablets are:

They have particular identity such as they should not have chips, cracks and discoloration.They should have the strength to handle shocks while production, dispensing or shipping.Should have physical and chemical stability to maintain physical attributes over time.

Advantages of tablet dosage forms:

· Light in weight.

· It is easy to pack it.

· Easy to swallow and there is no danger of hang up.

· It can be taken even without water.

· Tablets are easy and convenient to use.

· Tablets provide measured dose and come in portable package.

Various ways in which tablets can be made are as:

Tablet pressing machines are called tableting machines which are large and make one tablet at a time. It is used by pharmaceutical and neutraceutical manufacturers. Then tablets are coated that can be sugar coating and sometimes polymer based coating. The pressing process is done on confirming that the ingredients are dry, uniform and this is done by wet and dry granulation.

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