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Memos (or memorandums or memorandum essays) are used in all types of organizations and businesses for the purpose of communicating. In business, memos differ from emails in that they are more concise, informal and direct. However, nowadays, email has almost entirely replaced memo writing as a means of communication. Yet, it would be a mistake to think it is not necessary to know how to correctly write a memo. This form of communication still applies when an employer wants to issue advice or instructions to employees. Memo writing can be quite difficult since there are several aspects to take into account.

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Our expert memo writers take the following factors into account when writing memorandum essays:

  • Intended audience. Whether you already know how to write a memo or not, knowing who it is for is especially important because this helps decide the paper’s tone. If a memo is aimed at a course supervisor, use a formal tone. If it is to a friend, you need not be quite so formal. But, either way, a memo needs to be clear, concise and meaningful. Leave out irrelevant or unnecessary details/information to avoid wasting the recipient’s time.
  • Define the memo’s purpose so that it is effective. If you inspect an existing memo example, you will see that these documents can serve a variety of purposes. They may request further information, provide information about policy changes, announce a forthcoming event, express gratitude, or to persuade the recipient. In any case, it is important you clearly understand the purpose in order to write a really good memo.
  • Take care with grammar. While your memo will mostly be assessed for content, accurate grammar is also taken into account for grading purposes.

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Whether you buy memo paper help online or write your own memos, it is important to think about the target audience. Often, it is not necessary to address a memo to everyone in an office, simply to people who need the information and those it is relevant to. Tone depends on the person/people being addressed. For example, are you sending a memorandum essay to a supervisor, underlings, colleagues, or a mixture of these people? You may assume that an in-progress project and/or industry-specific terms are known to the recipients so excessive background information is unnecessary. Remember that most employees are quite busy and do not have time to read a badly organized memo or one that misses the essential point.

A memo may be used for a variety of purposes. For example, memo writers may want to announce changes within a company or they may want to inform employees about a planned event. A memo may request additional information, seek ideas or suggestions, or ask people to take particular action. Memos may be used to outline some strategies or several strategies (for which you should use a persuasive tone) or a direction change. They may also recognize special achievements.

A memo should be professionally written and brief. While you should not use elaborate prose neither should you be too formal when addressing people who work alongside you everyday. Slang should be avoided. Keep sentences short, courteous, right-to-the-point, and conversational in style. Generally, it is best for a writer’s memo to maintain a positive or neutral tone, even though it may occasionally contain a complaint or staff reprimand. Regardless of the purpose, choose a deliberate and careful tone because it is not possible to know for sure who might read what you have written.

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Memos should generally not exceed one page but, if the issue is complex or you are making recommendations, they may be many pages in length.

  • Memo’s creation date: The month can be written out in full or in abbreviated form (e.g., April 19, 2019 or Apr. 19, 2019 respectively). This is advice you will get from legal memo writing services and business memo writing services.
  • Recipient name(s): Unless otherwise directed, people who are superior to you should be addressed by their applicable title. Use full titles in formal situations or first names in informal situations. Where your relationship with someone permits it, you need not use their title e.g. Dean, Dr., Mr., Ms., Mrs., and so on. Where there are a number of recipients, list them in alphabetic or hierarchical order. If a group is too extensive to include the name of everyone, address the entire group in a manner you feel appropriate.
  • Sender: Put your own name here. If you are unknown to your recipients, place your job title or department name after your name. Sign your name or initials by hand on the right-hand side of the typed version of your name
  • Memo subject: Include the subject on the applicable line. Keep this brief and aimed at the exact audience so that relevant people know it is for them and needs to be read.
  • Carbon Copy (C or CC). If you want to include a supervisor and/or others who are not direct recipients but need certain information, add their names to the “cc” field at the top or in a list at the end of the document.

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Again, regardless of whether you choose to use professional memo writing services or write your own, it is usual to use single-spacing within paragraphs and double-spacing to separate paragraphs. Use block text aligned to the page’s left-hand margin.

The memo’s body is made up of the writer’s reason for writing to enable readers to understand why this correspondence is being sent to them and its relevance for them. Where a memo exceeds more than one page, provide background information in the opening paragraph. Start by creating a memo outline to help you remain focused. Be direct and brief and do not dwell on trivial details. Concentrate on key points so that readers understand these.

A memo can be organized in one of two ways: induction or deduction. The induction method is usually used to deliver bad or unwelcome news or to readers who may not be fully conversant with the subject and/or its background. This method sets out ideas from the least to the most important. The deduction method assumes that readers know the subject and its background. Points are presented in the form of the most to the least important.

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It can be appropriate to add headings (in bold) where a memo is more than two or three paragraphs in length to help readers understand the main idea.

When writing a memo essay, end by asking readers to provide further information or feedback. While memos do not need to end with a salutation in the same manner as letters, you should include contact details so that readers can reach you in return. Mention any attached documents at the end of your memo to avoid the risk of recipients not receiving them or not being aware of their existence.

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