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Whether you hire a qualified white paper writer or write your own papers, it is important you know what a white paper is before you start writing. White papers are used to set out solutions to given problems. The very first white papers were official documents used by governments. They later made their way into corporate environments. Usually, white papers are at least a page long and generally do not exceed five pages.

A white paper serves the primary purpose of persuading people to adopt a certain direction or position and that the solution proposed by the white paper writer is the best available. White papers play an important role in helping existing and potential customers with decision-making. A crucial technique for every white paper writer is to find a good balance between the marketing and technical aspects of a product, platform or service. It is common for papers that are written by inexperienced content writers to be too complex and/or technical for the average reader to understand and/or relate to.

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Very often, as a professional white paper copywriter will tell you, white papers lose focus and get lost in the midst of other document types. Do not allow your papers to become wasted; instead get help from our professional writing service. The excellent white papers provided by PremiumQualityEssays.com provide sufficient information about your product, platform or service so that readers are left feeling it is something they must have.

Many white paper writers find these assignments difficult and often feel perplexed at how others around them seem to manage to complete them so easily and quickly. If this applies to you, then please read this article. Here, we look at a few techniques on how to write a white paper so that the process is as quick and easy as possible. It may feel as if most of the time required to write a white paper involves sitting at your keyboard, but this is not necessarily the case. The truth is that the best writers and providers of professional white paper writing services spend most of the available time on topic research and planning these projects.

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The work for this type of assignment usually includes:

  • Checking briefs in order to fully understand the requirements;
  • Looking through textbooks and making notes about key information;
  • Identifying reliable sources to use as support material.

Once you have completed your plan, every aspect will be clearly set out before you, and all you have to do then is transpose this into your paper. The only thing needed from you is to use your writing skills or employ a good white paper writing service to help you produce an effective and high-grade white paper essay.

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Other Techniques for Creating a Great White Paper

Our expert writers regularly use a number of other useful techniques that you too can use in your next custom white paper writing assignments. Among these is getting an actual person to check your written work rather than relying solely on your computer. Of course computers are capable of highlighting spelling errors but they are not capable of drawing attention to erroneous facts or things that sound wrong.

Make sure your content is not plagiarized. If you look at existing white paper examples, you will see it is perfectly acceptable to rewrite essential text but do not copy it verbatim. A text like this should be custom-written since teachers do not generally like papers that are heavily copied. Needless to say, writing a white paper of sufficiently good quality is something that is not always possible to do in the allocated time. In this situation, the best option is to consider hiring a writer from a company such as PremiumQualityEssays.com. Our company offers affordable help to everyone and our papers are consistently written exactly as the customer specifies.

Additional Tips for White Paper Writing

Still wondering, “What is white paper writing?” Here are some more tips to help you write persuasive white papers.

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Make Sure Your Topic is Relevant

The topic is the paper’s “face.” Although this might seem obvious, a lot of people find choosing topics difficult. The important thing is to find a topic that others will want to read about. Therefore, you first need to define your intended audience i.e. those you wish to communicate with. Next, you need to establish what challenges or problems these readers have and what subject areas might interest them. These investigations should help you identify a suitable topic.

Be Professional

Remember that the reason for a white paper is to make a case for a certain solution or position. It is not a general text. Make sure your style of writing you is professional and business-like. Use descriptive words to ensure your point is crystal clear. Or, of course, you can always buy white paper writing from us!

Write an Eye-Catching Introduction

The introduction in your white paper needs to get your readers “hooked” so they want to read to the end. Consequently, you need your words to be captivating. Do your best to ensure you get the attention of your readers in your opening paragraph and then let them know what they can expect from the rest of your paper. This means summing-up your paper in a few well-chosen words. Explain the subject areas that will be covered.

Demonstrate Value

It is best not to view a white paper as a type of advertising; instead consider it a good opportunity to offer your own reliable opinion on a problem or issue that your readers will find interesting.This is likely to give you a return on your investment e.g. new or more customers. The important thing is to give your paper value by providing carefully-researched information and possibly tips.

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Good Organization

It is essential a white paper is well organized. Before you start writing, create a strong outline that reflects your aims. Your paper needs to grab the attention of readers and provide value. Then, readers are left to act.

Proofreading and Editing

When your paper is finished you need to read back over it and remove any possible errors. A paper that is well written is more credible. So, remove all grammar, spelling and typo errors. You should additionally ensure the words and paragraphs flow smoothly. It is a good idea to get others to proofread a piece of work. This helps ensure it reads better. Input from other people is a way of identifying and removing any mistakes you may have missed.


Where a white paper sets out the writer’s opinion on using a particular product, platform or service that readers may find beneficial, this should be mentioned at the paper’s end. You should not try to sell a product or service in your paper’s body. Include this in a catchy fashion in your summary so that it fits naturally into your paper.

Getting a Professional Writer to Help with Your White Papers

When you use our writing service, you will not be left out because we encourage customers to contribute to their assignment’s completion and to tell us what they think should be included and/or excluded. You will then exclusively own your paper upon completion – we do not resell assignments to future customers.

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