Online Writing and Services sp. z.o.o. 37 Domaniewska str., lok. 2.43, Warsaw, Poland, 02-672 (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates the website.

The time that customers spend browsing the services offered through our website is greatly appreciated. Our greatest concern is keeping your personal data safe and secure and ensuring it is not stolen, lost or misused. This article aims to explain why we collect certain data, what that data is and what we use it for.

We collect data about a) customer and b) people who visit our site.

This data helps build better cooperation with customers and it mostly includes time of website access, the web browsers visitors’ use and the operating systems they use.

The customer’s identity is not at risk of exposure with data of this nature; it is used by our company solely to:

  • Fine-tune and tailor our website’s content
  • Enhance the presentation, layout and quality of our website’s content

This data is collected by our web server and is not shared, sold or made available to anyone outside our company.


“Cookies” are a mechanism that helps make navigation of our website more intuitive and allows us to collect important statistics about frequency of use, visitor habits and the like.

Your Personal Details

There is certain information we need in order to provide you with the best possible service, such as:

  • Your name
  • Your email address, and
  • A contact telephone number

You will be asked for this information when signing up on our website and we only use it to complete customer assignments. Sometimes, for instance, we may need to contact you for clarification, for essential information or materials, or for approval on some aspect of your order. Therefore, we strongly advise all customers to provide correct information so that the services we provide match your expectations. The details you provide are only seen by trustworthy employees of our company and are never shared, published, sold or disclosed to external parties.

Your personal details are never shared with your writers to protect your privacy. Please do not share any personal details with the writers directly. All sensitive data is kept strictly confidential. You are fully responsible for the outcome of sharing your personal information (such as logins, passwords, e-mails, phone numbers) with the writers.

Paying for Our Services Online

We make every effort to ensure customers are safeguarded against fraudulent activity online and that their financial data is not in danger of becoming public. Therefore, our payment systems are highly secure and our representatives may ask you to verify your identity.

Your Personal Data Rights

If you use our services, you may have your personal information updated, amended or removed – just contact our support staff and let them know what changes you require.


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