Global citizenship is very diverse and many people have tried to come up and define what it is. The definitions range from various racial backgrounds and is often given different opinions. However, some renown definitions have been accepted and are widely used as well as put into use. To generalize what global citizenship is, it can be said as those works that peace justice and tolerance geared at enhancing quality of life. A global citizen therefore is one who does these activities. It is hard to make a global citizen. It was not until I read this from Wikipedia that I developed an interest in making a global citizen. By all, this is what inspired me!
“Global Citizenship is both a moral and ethical disposition which might guide an individual or    groups’ understanding of local and global contexts- and their responsibilities within different    communities…”

Job description

I have in the past admired art. Looking all around the world, it gives me a reason to marry art and global citizenship. My primary objective is to built an art center for which strategically cuts across regional organizations addressing sustainability and social justice. Previously I have done charity works of giving small children tutorials for free. But it is about time I felt that there are more people who need to be attended. I realize that artists from third world countries have greater potential of shaping there skills but they do not have funds to market their skills.

Back in my mind, I intend to form a website that serves as a center for collecting funds from willing donors and advertising the high quality art of the unable, I am anticipating that there could be a greater desire to share the two zones of arts-first world and third world. The technologically less advanced, or developing, nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are generally characterized as poor, having economies distorted by their dependence on the export of primary products to the developed countries in return for finished products but their art could be of high quality. Art is what could even marginalize the poverty index.

First, I am now able to share the arts by collaborating the haves and have nos in terms of resources. A good example is those in the music Industry who already established themselves but have become monotonous and more frequent to the audience and funs. In this peace is promoted. Again, the activities are easily coordinated through the small website I have developed. I just realized that the site is becoming very popular because many donors are willing to fund these artists for famity and popularity. Given that the Internet is growing fast and getting to third world nations, it definitely could do much in moving the first third world art.

Artists normally express themselves in many different ways promoting justice peace and above all sharing culture in artistic manner. “The world shrinks as the local community (village, town, city) takes on greater and greater importance.” Boli (1999). More so using the Internet and the entertainment for art is!  I find artists very interesting and easy to work with because these people reason and think in a very high qualitative way that is hard for them to mess with ideas.
Artists in third world countries are easy to work with all the same. But the challenge lies behind the person starting them up. They have the skills but cannot show the skills because they lack the base. So when it gets that I offer myself to assist the, they are willing and very ready to work with me. Art is very diverse and given that virtually all people like art, it is a noble idea to be a global citizen of art. It is an opportunity to make a global citizen using God given resources.

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