Gaudi’s works architecture essay

Compare the architecture designed by Antoni Gaudi with the architectural design of Frank Gehry. how are their designs similar, how are they different? How are Gaudy and Gehry similar and different personally?

Gaudi’s works were designed in the style of gothic architecture, but he soon developed his own distinct sculptural style.  Gehry’s work on the other hand falls within the style of Deconstructivism, which is often referred to as post-structuralism in nature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. Secondly, Gaudi’s style could be described as a mix of Art Nouveau and his own unique organic style which was influenced by shapes and structures from the natural world. While Gehry’s style some times seems incomplete or even rudimentary, his structures are not necessary to reflect explicit social or worldwide thoughts, such as pace or universality of appearance. The two did not have many similarities except for the fact that they all made history and received criticism of their work.

Gaudi was an intricate and intensely conservative man. Sometimes times when intellectuals in Barcelona are heading leftwards, Gaudi insist on remaining a conservative Catholic.

Examine the designs for furniture coming out of the Bauhaus, etc. Where do you see the influence in designs with which you are familiar in today’s world? Please provide verbal or image references.

The furniture workshop located at the school in Bauhaus approached designs of furniture by first probing the function. The school made sure the furniture produced was comfortable for sitting through developing simple forms. A string of furniture design necessities based on practical analysis were produced as a result. Elastic chair backs and seats, ban of posh overstuffed upholstery, oblique seats to ease weight on the legs and at the same time giving support and a chair back that is to make ensure the spine remain free to prevent discomfort or pressure that isn’t healthy are some of the standards.

One major contribution made by the school in the Bauhaus to early 20th century furniture designs was usefully employing steel frames and supports for various types of furniture, ranging from chair, tables, sofas and lamps as well. Nowadays, there’s barely a fashionable residence or modern office that doesn’t contain at least a piece from or influenced by a Knoll designer. This has also had influence on modern interior design can be linked unswervingly to the influence that architects and artists, a lot of them being of the Bauhaus proponents, had on Knoll.

During its existence, the Bauhaus school experienced a succession of three distinct campuses till lock up in 1933 during the Nazi regime. A good number of the teachers fled for safety to other countries carrying with them all their ideas on architecture and thus making them international. Bauhaus influence is indeed monumental, and its existence can still be seen in contemporary furniture designs.

What impact do you see on the word of art by the development of Cubism? Where do you see it reflected in other movements prior to World War II and after?

Cubism was founded by   Georges Braque and Picasso in the 20th century. In its artworks, objects are broken up, examined, and re-assembled in a form that is abstracted. Instead of portraying objects from a single viewpoint, the artist portrays the subject from a massive amount of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. In most cases the surfaces intersect at what looks like random angles, doing away with a consistent sense of depth.

Cubism transformed Europeansculpture and paining, and inspired related movements in literature and music. The first of this kind wasAnalytic Cubism that was both influential and radical as a short but highly significant art movement between 1907 and 1911 in France.  Analytic Cubism was an analysis of the subjects. The second one was Synthetic Cubism whose main movement within Cubism was created by  Braque, Picasso Juan Gris and others at around 1912 and 1919. It is characterized by the introduction of different texture surfaces, collage elements and a variety of merged subject matter.

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