The Role of Media in Political Events

The media participate in the covering the political events:

  1. The media participate in the covering the political events around the world. It represents varied issues which have in the long run helped in changing the lively hood and some action taken to stop the vices or injustices the victims faced acting as an eye opener to the vices that go unnoticed (, 2009). This has helped in the shaping of the politics of the day as the as the leaders use the media as a tool of reaching there subject and also stating their stand pertaining to maters of national interest.
  2. It plays a major role in supporting the government as it is used as a tool to spread the good deeds that the government is doing to the public by this the people are just told on the positives of the government therefore it decides the way they are governed.
  3. The media is people hope as it helps build the negative attitude the people and with the government in result making all the forms of the government to be understood by the citizen on how they perform there (Franklin, 2005).
  4. The media plays a positive role in the government development as it informs the people on the positive things the government has done and also informs them the things to expect from the government.
  5. Media provides the people the ability of choose a favorable political leader /party, after the individuals are highlighted by the media indicating there capability and weaknesses thus the voter is empowered to know who to vote for (Becker, 1980).
  6. The media leads in the case of political communication and fund-raising as the media will highlight the problems that affect the people who require the fundraising.
  7. The media identifies public problems and tries to provide the government with a better solution that will suit the needs and desires of the society (Blumenthal, 2009).
  8. The media helps in the socializing new generations and tries to help the two conflicting parties to reach a consensus.
  9. The media provides a political forum this is were countless political figures such as the president ministers are invited to hold discussions that help them to gain political recognition (Wilcox, 2009).
  10. The media is important because they provide the people with current affairs both within and outside there country however some media houses might be biased highlighting on stories that fulfill there needs.
  11. Social media has increased popularity over the years and its being used mainly for socialization. Therefore, they have as well being adopted by the government agencies to disseminate information to the public or solicit views from the public as well.
  12. The media also provide a first-hand unique way to access the latest information on government practices and industrial solutions thus it connects the people and the government (Blumenthal, 2009).
  13. The Media holds the Legislative and Executive Branches hostage these days, thus helping us to know if our leaders are performing there duties or they are just spending there time politicking therefore making them responsible leaders (Willis, 83).
  14. The politicians are today answerable to the media as they are confronted by the media incase of any strange occurrence.

Most governments have tried to fight media freedom due its continuity in interfering with its operations, especially those governments which are unruly. Therefore media has also influenced government on formulation of bills and policies especially those which deals with media freedom and freedom of expression.

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