If you are the one, who in search of some tips on writing a resume opened this article, it is a pity to tell you that this article is about compiling an essay based on an interview. Nonetheless, the only word of advice we can offer you is to contact resume services online or CV writing online which will write a resume for you. The latter is even more preferable as a resume is not just a list of your experiences and qualifications. With a help of it, you will sell yourself to your future employee, therefore it is crucially important to have a polished resume.

How to Write an Interview Paper

Turning to writing an interview-based essay, the preparation work should be done prior to creating an outline and even prior to conducting an interview. First of all, you need to decide who will be your interviewee and come up with the questions to ask. For this, a need for carrying out a preliminary research exists.

The questions you have prepared for the interview in advance might be closed questions where the answer “yes” or “no” is required. Nonetheless, do not overuse these questions whether you want your interview to be unique and informative. If you want to receive a confirmation of the general information, namely the degree, the position, the place of birth, etc., it will be beneficial to use closed questions to save time. It is strongly advised to implement open questions when you want to receive a detailed answer. This type of questions is extremely useful when you want to find out how the interviewee feels, what his perspective on the particular situation is, or how he struggled to succeed.

During the interview, take copious notes or use a tape recorder. Bear in mind that you need to ask for permission to record your conversation. Be respectful towards your interlocutor.

After conducting an interview, look through your notes and find key information which will come to your aid while drawing a portrait of the interviewee. Besides, find out three main themes or ideas you have discussed during the interview – these will be your body paragraphs. It is vital to include only one idea in one paragraph! Once you have finished, it is high time to compile an outline of your essay.

Your next step is organizing your interview. Read the requirements given by your professor to find out which format you are supposed to use – a narrative or a question-answer. Both formats have the same structure (the introductory part, the main body, and the conclusion), still they differ. A narrative format resumes that you will paraphrase your interview and sometimes insert direct quotations.

In a question-answer format, the use of direct quotations and your questions is required.

  • Introduction

As eye-catching as possible, your first sentence should tell the dominant impression of the interviewee and kindle the spark of interest in your audience. You might use an outstanding quotation or an anecdote about this person to support your point of view.

Transfer to the thesis statement. It must include the reason for choosing this person for an interview, a couple of words about him or her, the position held. Frankly speaking, everything you can tell about this person should be included in the introduction. It goes without saying that you must double-check the spelling of the interlocutor’s name. Furthermore, if you have found one trait of the interviewee’s character you would like to focus on, the thesis statement is the best place for highlighting it.

  • Main body

With the aim to tell about this person’s achievement and goal, do your best while revealing the information about your interlocutor. The quotations, stories, and examples are the best choice for it.

  • Conclusion

The general rule not to introduce new ideas and information and just to restate the thesis statement is still working. What is more, you might write some concluding remarks about this person.

Before proofreading your essay, make sure that all the information presented in our interview essay is relevant and valid. Eliminate all unnecessary details and those parts, which distract reader’s attention. Proofread your piece of writing, make a copy for your professor, and get a top grade!

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