Proposal Paper Topics: Get Unique and Original Ideas for Academic Writing

The main aim of writing a proposal essay is to put forward a specific idea and support it with sufficient evidence (illustration, examples, expert opinions, etc.) in order to convince the target audience whether the proposed idea is good or bad. When you write a proposal essay, it is a good idea to think from the perspective of a salesperson: just imagine you have the task to sell a product or service. As such, you will need to provide enough justifications and convince your consumers to buy it. The same is with your paper: you present an idea and you try to prove your position to the target audience or your professor. If you have never written a proposal essay before, read on the following article and find some useful tips and strategies on how to choose the best proposal essay topics and write an effective paper.

At first, it may seem that writing a proposal is a daunting challenge. However, with ample preparation and studying, it is not as hard as it may seem. If you are given a chance to choose proposal paper topics on your own, you should definitely approach this task seriously. With a properly chosen topic, a proposal essay is easy to write and simple to understand. To put it simply, you have to present an idea and provide evidence to support it. The idea does not necessarily have to be a good or creative one – the main thing is to provide a practical application to it.

You will definitely find some good and suitable ideas for your proposal essay topics from the list provided below. Take a look at the most popular categories of topics:

Student’s Life

This category is one of the most frequently chosen ones among students as they have an opportunity to write about something they know well. Essays on such topics will be easier to write on since you can apply your personal experience and find examples from real-life situations. Check out the following proposal essay topics ideas:

  • How to be more effective and productive when learning at home?
  • How to spend free time in the best way to rest qualitatively?
  • How to become a better reader and memorize more information?
  • Where is the balance between being less responsive and the risk of getting an emotional block?
  • How to make your clothes reflect your inner world? Does your outfit always reflect your mood and state of mind?

Essay Topics on Motivational Issues

  • What is a good motivator for students? Can money be the best motivator at some point of one’s life? What are the other motivators for people?
  • What are effective methods of teaching students to accept the fact that they may fail and live with it?
  • How can one learn from his/ her own mistakes? From others’ mistakes?
  • What is happiness personally for you? What are the strategies to become a happier person?
  • Do you agree that one’s strive for perfectionism is toxic and destructive?

Topics on Education

Below find a great list of proposal paper topics on education:

  • Discuss the importance of learning foreign languages for education and future career prospects. How can you find time for learning a foreign language? Which methodologies and strategies are beneficial?
  • How to improve students’ skills of reading comprehension? Discuss some of the best tactics.
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the modern grading system. What improvements could you propose?
  • Is it important for children to pursue education in technology and science? Who should motivate and encourage children? What are the valid reasons for doing it?
  • Should parents have a say in the improvement process of sex education courses?

Topics on Environment

Proposal paper topics are controversial ones, as many people do not have a clear position on the environmental issues. Besides, not all people realize the importance of environmental sustainability and are ready to put their small contribution to the process of environment betterment. Nonetheless, there is so much to explore about this topic since it is one of the most relevant nowadays. Moreover, much research has been conducted over the recent years regarding environmental aspects. Check out the following ideas for your essay on environment:

  • How can people be trained to be more responsible for the pets they take?
  • What are the effective ways of animal rights protection? Where is the line between being just and radical?
  • Is it effective for a relatively small number of people to tackle the effects of global warming? How is it possible to be more aware of the prevention methods and environment protection?
  • How is it possible to motivate others to care for the planet?
  • Does society still need to worry about the environment protection? Who should care more: people or the government? Of them two, who can bring more effective results?
  • Do you agree that you have to change yourself first before you want to change the world?
  • What can you personally do to save the planet and protect the environment?
  • Do you view that consumption of meat and dairy products refers to animal exploitation?
  • Do all people have to become vegans in order to protect animals? What consequences it could bring along?
  • Do you agree that vegans do not respect choices and food preferences of other people while they require others to respect their decisions? How to solve this “battle” between vegans and non-vegans?

Technological Advances and Social Media

  • How can people become less dependent on technological advancements and gadgets?
  • Is it important to teach children on moderate use of the Internet? How can parents monitor the information and content their children read and watch online?
  • How can people protect their identity and personal information on social media?
  • How can organizations and huge corporations protect sensitive information in a better way?
  • Is it possible to fight cyber-bullying? How should students be taught to respond to it?
  • What are the issues and risks behind cybercrimes? Is it possible to eradicate them?
  • Do you agree that teachers and professors are overly reliant on technology when teaching, conducting, and preparing for lessons?
  • Should children of specific age categories be prohibited from watching certain programs on TV?
  • Should people bear responsibility and be legally responsible for taking pictures and videos of strangers?
  • What are the effects of censoring the Internet usage in some other countries?

Hopefully, the abovementioned topics will help you in the process of writing your proposal essay. At least, you will be able to get acquainted with some new ideas for writing.

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