Response on the Essay ‘English as a Second Language’

The writer of the essay “English as a Second Language” has made good effort towards bringing the reader to an understanding of the role of higher education in the society. On a general note, the essay is interesting with great ideas being communicated. Nonetheless, the writer has quite a number of areas that need special attention in order to progress towards producing a better final essay.

The writer has challenges in developing correct, precise and accurate topic for the essay. The essay is generally on higher education and production of human resources that meet the labor market demands. However, the author entitles the essay “English as a Second Language”. This creates difficulty and limits the reader’s ability to immediately connect to what is being written about in the essay.

The writer has at least learnt the skill of developing ideas into paragraphs. However, there is need to develop paragraphs that are self-supportive with complete ideas. For example, the writer mentions the imbalance between the number of human resources produced and the existing opportunities in the job market in the first paragraph. The supporting illustration for the same is however given at the close of the second paragraph.

There is fair grammatical use in the essay. However, consideration of tenses would be helpful in effective communication with the reader. This will enable the writer to generally build clarity of the ideas being passed. The writer also needs to limit use of complex sentences that can easily cause loss of information being relayed in the essay. These could be replaced with simple and complete sentences that connect and flow together to build complete paragraphs with specific ideas.

The quotations as used within the essay are not quite accurate. The student would make great progress with placement of the quotes at accurate points to ensure smooth flow of the ideas in the essay. The writer should also put the references immediately after the direct quotes and not at the end of a sentence. This would limit confusion of the reader on the voice being heard in the essay.

Generally, the writer can improve future essays with consideration of the use of grammar, quotations and development of ideas within paragraphs with simple and interconnected sentences. With these slight alterations, the writer can do a great final essay

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