The Aethiopis by Malcolm Davies Free Essay Example

The Aethiopis is a story about Achilles, the perfect warrior.  It begins at the break off of the Iliad as the seventh epic in the epic cycle.  Achilles kills Thersites, a fellow Greek for his allegation that Achilles was in love with Penthesileia, the Amazon queen. He is makes a sacrifice to the gods and is purified for his action by Odysseus. Achilles fights and kills Memnon, the son of dawn and Trojan ally. He pursues the Trojans back to their city and enters the city. However, he is killed by Paris, the Trojan prince (Burgess, 140).

Free Greek Mythology Essays and Research Papers


Telemachus is a character in the Greek mythology and in fact the main character in Odyssey by Homer. He was the son of Odysseus and Penelope and his name literally means a far away fighter. His father feigned madness so as to avoid going to war but his trick is unearthed by when he swerves to avoid injuring his son who had been placed before his plough by Palamedes. The story narrates the Journey by Telemachus in search of his father with Athene’s help in order to get rid of his mother’s suitors (La Mothe & Hawerkesworth, 45).


Panadarus has been depicted in Iliad, by Homer as a famous archer and son to Lycaon. He is the younger brother to Hector and Paris. He fought for Troy in the Trojan War. Menelaus is shot by an arrow and is wounded thanks to Panadarus because Menelaus decided to sabotage a truce that would have brought Helen of Troy back to Troy peacefully. Later, he wounds Diomedes as well with an arrow but is unfortunately killed when his tongue is severed when Diomedes strikes his face with a spear (Shoaf & Cox, 150).

The Little Iliad

The Little Iliad is an epic in one of the epic cycle that narrated the Trojan War. It follows chronologically the Aethiopis and is succeeded by the Iliou persis.The little Iliad is attributed to a semi legendary ancient Greek poet, Lesches.  This story is contained in the Chrestomathy, a collection of chosen literary passages used for the learning of a foreign language. The story speaks of characters like: Achilles, Hector. Odysseus, Paris and Agamemnon among others and gives an account of their activities during the Trojan war of Ancient Greece (Papaioannou, 203).


Gilgamesh was one of the Sumerian kings who ruled Uruk as its fifth king. He rebuilt, with the help of his son the sanctuary of goddess Ninlil at a holy place, Tummal in her city called Nippur.  He is the main character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is an early works in the literature of Mesopotamia. He is described both as man and as a god in this great surviving epic. He is credited for his superhuman strength and for building a great city wall in defense of his people against external aggression (Sandars, 84).


Iliad is an epic poem attributed to Homer. It is based on the Trojan War in the decade long siege of Ilium by a coalition of Greek forces. The story narrates the events of battle between and the weeks of disagreement between Achilles, the perfect warrior and his king, Agamemnon who at one time puts Achilles into captivity. Apollo punishes the Greeks by plaque when Chryseis the daughter of Apollo’s priest Chryses is taken into captivity by Agamemnon who is defeated because of his greed (Homer & Cochrane 189).

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