Codependency Free Essay Example

The assignment addresses the definition of codependency and a discussion of the person who have affected my life, the person who a worry about and would wish to change.

According to Beatty (1987) codependency is a psychological and emotional condition which is behavioral and develops mostly because of exposure to prolonged rules which are oppressive which would mainly be attributed to those who the person relate to. It is characterized of habitual system of feeling and thinking or even how one behaves towards them.  Such behaviors have proved to be the cause of lack of happiness and peace with those who are important in someone life such as family members or even some one in a relationship, as it is also proven that it would sabotage relationships.

My father have positively affected my life by helping me understand my self, accept my self and be confident which has helped me all along to boost my self-esteem. He protected me not to suffer from codependency by being supportive and created a friendly environment which didn’t have oppressing rules. Nouwen, (1979) emphasized that we are living in a society which loneliness is one of the most painful human wounds. Therefore, by my father ensuring that I was not lonely and I felt his love qualifies him as the person who has significantly affected my life.

I have a cousin who is my age mate whom I worry about his well being and I would wish to change him.  I have known him since we were young as we were brought up together. However, he has experienced brutality in his life because their father is an alcoholic and has in not being able to bring up my cousin and their other two siblings in a cordial environment which they would respect their father and have a feeling of love. Therefore, absence of fatherly love in his childhood to now has negatively affected my cousin and he could hardly relate well with people.  According to Mayeroff, (1971) caring of one another is one of the most significant sense which helps one to actualize and grow them selves. Which, my cousin has lacked since he was young.

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