Case Study of Wage and Salary Administration Essay Example for Free

Many women continue to face sexual discrimination in the labor sector in the US (Richards, 1998). This disparity in employment imply that women are employed relatively less than their male counterparts or are not given equal opportunities in workplaces. There has been significant wage difference on the women populated job market. Many outstanding factors continue to affect and initiate the wage difference.

The average salaries of college-educated women in the United States for 2003 are: Asian: $43, 656 Black: $41, 066 White: $37, 761.Most of the common factors that lead to this are factors such as the race. Some employers have been found to have some sort of bias with regards to race choosing to reward with financial incentives people of their race or their preferred race.

With regards to occupation, different professions offer different wages. These average salaries for college educated women would reflect the difference in their area of operation. This means that the difference might have been as a result of the difference in the area of practice.

Apart from social, occupational and racial factors, some many other factors may have brought about this difference. One of the factors that may have caused this difference in the average salary of these women is the hours worked. Research finds that in modern world, the scientific management theory is still applicable in many organizations. This means that workers are rewarded with regards to their output.

Occupational choice

Another factor that would significantly cause thus disparity in wages of the women is the difference in occupational choice. According to Landy, cultural interpretation towards some profession still holds a significant basis of decision making (Landy, 2005). Some cultures relate some profession as not suitable to women hence tends to discourage the said profession to the same. This is with disregarding the fact that the ignored profession might be highly rewarding in terms of financial incentives.

Negotiating power

Another major factor impacting the change in wages and salaries is maybe as a result of the negotiating power of different women. Some cultures are known to be very persuasive when it comes to negotiating terms that positively affect them. This is with respect that still, many organization still allow negotiations of wages and salaries. The negotiation power is reflected in the final financial rewards of the workers. Women specifically are known to posses persuasion power but this persuasion is not constant but in different women

Different people are paid with regards to their ability to deliver or effectively be consistent in output. The highest paid women would mean that the same women have the greatest innate ability while the relatively lowly paid women would imply that their innate capability is low.

Personal preference of work and leisure

Personal preference of work and leisure and risk would also impact this disparity in earnings. The highest paid group of women would mean that the same women have minimal preference to leisure and their personal preference toward different kinds of work is unlimited. According to Crosby, the women with the least average salaries on the other hand would imply that they are skeptical towards some type of work as well as having a stronger leisure attitude approach (Crosby, 2007).

Developments pattern

A significant factor that would lead to the difference in the average salaries of these women is developments patterns. In the world we live in, the labor market is highly dynamic and scientific management approach is the key approach taken by most organization. The highest paid women implies that the development pattern favor the employers’ attitude towards them. Managers hence find it upon themselves to equally compensate for work done.

Wealth Condensation

The final factor that would affect these average salaries disparities is wealth condensation. Employers may choose to reduce the financial incentives on a particular group with an aim of balancing the wealth possession. The continued rewarding of a particular group has led to wealth condensation. Wealth balance can be achieved through reviewing the reward program and rewarding more the group with the highest wealth deficit.

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