Employment security can be generally defined as protection against dismissals one deems to be either unfair or unjustified. Individuals tend to have the confidence that the skills and experience they currently possess can allow, or guarantee them a place in the job market, especially for those temporarily unemployed. For those within the job market, they will be confident that their employment career will not be in danger of being terminated, whether with their current employer or with another employer. This research seeks to find the importance of employment security, how one can secure his/her job, and the various ways of keeping ones job and securing it.

How is employment security important?

Having security for your workers, especially for the very hardworking ones is very important in the today world. Globalization, the knowledge to expand the operations of an organization to international, has transformed many lives, and in the process, lifting many from poverty. The winners of globalization are those with the education and skills to take advantage of new opportunities. These kind of people need to be protected in their respective employment fields since they are the ones who will lead to more productive activity, and thus the importance of employment security. In short, employment security is more important that job security, insinuating, protect the worker, not the job.

How can you secure your job?

One should try to acquit with the job because in so doing, he/she will find the job doable even if it might seem hard at some points, develop the right working attitude. Secondly, it is important to work harder, since the effort one exerts into the job will determine how much he/she will be rewarded, whether he/she will be in danger at the time of lay off. Thirdly, being punctual is also important; getting to the work place on time at the reporting hours, ensuring that you do not waste much time during the breaks given, and ensure if you miss work, it is for a very serious issue. Another thing is being cooperative; cooperation is vital in the work place, never tolerate gossip, and always try to get along with others. Also, complaining unnecessarily will not get you anywhere so refrain from doing that, since nobody can tolerate noisemakers for long, and you will find yourself facing axing from the job. Finally, negative attitude will not get you anywhere; you have to try to live on the positive side of life, and try to see the positive side of everything, and you will see just how manageable things will be.

Steps or way to keep your job and secure it

The economy keeps having ups and downs, with time unemployment numbers are increasing, businesses are having a hard time to survive in the economy, thus making it difficult for those employed to even maintain their current jobs, and thus many organizations are opting to lay off or fire employees to survive, but there are ways for one to keep his/her current job which are discussed as follow; i) Stick with your current job; if the employer is faced with the option of keeping one between two employees, he/she will go for the more experienced one, and being left with the option of firing the less experienced one, and that is you. ii) Good working habits, accompanied by extra hard work will ensure you never have a problem with your employer, and be ensured that any sign of neglect might be met with serious consequences that might lead to your losing of your job. iii) It always pays to respect others, whether they are your juniors or your seniors. Be respectful to your boss and to your fellow employees, you will be surprised at just how good your life with the organization will be. iv) Keeping a low profile and being cooperative to avoid clashing with your employer and you could find yourself escaping salary cuts and lay offs.

It is therefore evident that job security is equally important to both employer and worker. This paper has discussed the importance of job security and ways of securing your job, as well as ways of keeping ones job. Nevertheless, people’s job security ultimately depends on whether they are employable or not, and whether a given businesses have a need for their skills or not, so even though employment laws can offer some relief but also is said to vary from one country to another, and hedge from unemployment risk, they can only offer a marginal contribution to job security of people. Thus, individuals need to have the right skill set to have good job security.

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