It is estimated that every 3 seconds a child dies of hunger somewhere in the World. Such statistics makes this a global problem. It is not only a problem for those that are affected but also for those that stand aside and watch its devastating effects. One way or the other we are all afflicted with the scourge that is hunger.

World hunger problems are concentrated in what is known as the third World. Though not entirely true, the problem has been assumed to be consequence of poor food production practices. Technology is not employed to aid in the production of food thus limiting the quantity of food that can adequate to feed the whole population.

The problem has prompted the formation of various governmental and non-governmental organisations. Some of these organizations are religious in nature. These world bodies play a major role in combating the problem.  The standout organization in this category is United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP).

Though these organizations may vary in the approach the fight against the problem, the goal is the same for all of them. Some may be involved in the mobilization of the foodstuffs, others in the distribution of these collected foodstuffs. On the other hand, organizations such as ADRA play their role in trying to come up with better production practices in the involved countries to ensure that they can produce enough to sustain themselves. The World Bank through its subsidiaries also avails the necessary funds to help in research and production of food.

In times of emergency food requirements in a particular region, then it is the efforts of these organisations in mobilizing and distribution of food that has proven to save many lives. Their ability to get in the scene as soon as the need is apparent has proven to be the reason why these bodies have been so successful in fighting hunger in the World.

United States and Hunger

The United States represents 6% of the total World population. However, the staggering fact is that the US consumes approximately 40% of total World resources. The resources include food, fuel, raw materials and other important commodities. In the US, there is so much food to an extent that majority of the population is trying to eat less. This however does not come without consequences. Nearly 40% of the American population is obese and dieting is being proposed to be mandatory alongside exercising to check on the problem

It should be noted that despite the US having excess food, it does not mean that it does not have hunger problems of its own. Despite the US being the wealthiest country in the World, approximately 15% of the population leaves in abject poverty. With life being so expensive, this only spells doom for this group when it comes to acquiring food.

So the US does produce and import a lot of food. Why then does such a large proportion experience this problem? While a majority of the US is trying to cut down on eating habits why then does about 20 million children in the US find themselves in food insecure households/ this are some of the questions that baffle the activists and the government as they try to combat this problem.

Unlike in other parts of the world, hunger in the US is not caused by scarcity of food or even the absence of the infrastructure to deliver this food to those that need it. The supermarkets and grocery stores are stocked to the ceiling therefore the food is there for everyone to take. However, the problem comes in when the people do not have money in their pockets. The public struggles to put food on their tables because they cannot afford to do so. Therefore, in combating the hunger problem, the government should first try to help in alleviating the poverty levels. It is from this that the people can be to overcome hunger and not by being given food handouts from time to time.

United States participation in huger fight

The US is a major food producer and importer and as such stands a very good chance of helping in combating the world hunger problem. This actually puts the US in a central role in the battle against the world hunger problem. The US holds a policy in which it seeks to help in alleviating the problem. Hunger knows no boundaries or borders and as such, the wealthiest nation in the world has to play its role in helping the less fortunate.

In combating world hunger problems, the USA has taken several different approaches. One of these approaches is direct food donation to needy parts of the World. On numerous occasions, the US has shipped out tons of foodstuff to famine stricken regions in order to combat the menace. The foodstuffs include corn and rice that is directly shipped from American food reserves to these parts.

Secondly, the US aids in combating the world food problem by providing means in which the available food stuffs can be distributed to the needy. It is not rare to find that the cause of hunger in a region is due to poor distribution practices. Most of the affected regions have poor infrastructure thus making it practically impossible for the food to reach the intended population. It is at such times that the US may provide vehicles and even aircraft to transport the food to the needy.

Finally, the US plays its role in fighting hunger in the World by providing funds to finance research and production of food in the hunger stricken nations. The research is centered on trying to develop new strands of production foods that a resistant to famine and other harsh conditions that may hinder production of food.

Economic globalization and world hunger problem

Through economic globalization, it is quite possible that the war against World hunger problem can be won. In economic globalization, there will be increased interdependence of different national economies all the World. Increased and rapid movement of goods and services will be a main feature of this feature leading to emergence of a global market place.

Through this interdependence, then, one country’s problems will automatically become the other countries’ problems. The other countries will automatically have to mobilize the necessary resources in order to help out where they can. A country facing hunger problems does not have to struggle for long periods before the other countries step in.

The opening of the borders will allow for free and swift movement of food aid from the other countries if need be. Currently, the major problem posed by the closed border system, is the fact that due to bureaucratic delays, the food supplies may remain stuck in the ports for long periods. Many people may actually die during this period.

Finally, the opening up of the markets will encourage private investors to come into the afflicted nations to invest. The investment could be in the agricultural nature. On top of increasing food production, these private investors will be creating job opportunities to the locals thus alleviating poverty levels.

Solving the world hunger problem

In solving the world hunger problem, you first have to understand some of the causes of these problems. Understanding the causes of hunger is the only way that we can be able to combat the problem head on. A study of the various chronic cases in the world, one factor always stands out- poverty. The most afflicted by the scourge are the poor in the society.

The immediate response when people are faced by hunger is to provide them with food. However, this is not a sustainable long-term solution to the problem. Measures have to be taken to ensure that these people can be able to provide for themselves in future.

Concerned bodies and governments should come up with schemes that can help the individuals become self-reliant. Some organizations already fund poor farmers so that they can produce enough food for themselves and even have extra to sell to get money to meet other essential needs.

Secondly, over reliance of rain in most of the third world countries has proven to be a major cause of the persistent hunger problems. New and more advanced forms of agriculture such s irrigation should be adopted to sustain production throughout the year.

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