The human populace is gifted differently despite having the basic senses. Some individuals are known to comprehend issues faster than the others and this brings the categorization when it comes to understanding and retention rates. It is for this reason that led to use of intelligence tests which are aimed at understanding how one fares with intelligence.  Intelligence quotient is therefore a measure of how one thinks and reason compared to the majority of people within the same bracket. A score of 80-120 is considered to be average; 121-150 is above average whereas above 150, one is considered to have genius intelligence ( Mick, 2005).

The I.Q tests predominantly tests the verbal, logical and visual intelligence. Many authors have felt that an I.Q tests cannot objectively be used as a measure of intelligence in the academic field since some of other crucial attributes are not captured and yet play a vital role in academic achievement. Some of the traits that are not measured by intelligence tests are personal and interpersonal intelligence, musical talents, emotional and kinesthetic intelligence. In academic field, it is paramount for one to be in a position to relate with self and others cohesively. The school set up where students meet, one cannot manage to go it alone since most of the times, and students must be together as they are taught.

This means a person who has poor inter and intrapersonal relationship might not only cause trouble to himself but to others as well. Good interaction will help students to freely assist one another, share knowledge and skills, and by so doing, enrich one another .This attribute, which is not captured in I.Q tests, is important in determining how and individual can create conducive atmosphere for learning. Emotional intelligence is also important in academic field since one can be able to deal with emotive situations amicably. A lot of stress is derived from academic work and one who can have ways of dealing with such stress will be advantaged.

When we are told about ourselves in most cases affects the way we perceive ourselves. When one is labeled a slow learner, this might affect the self-esteem of the learner, and if the person is not strong enough to overcome it, the learner might stop working hard and believe he/she is not gifted in getting good marks in academics. On the other hand, when one is labeled as gifted, one might be over confidence, making him not to do adequate revision, resulting to poor performance.

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