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Response Essay Writing

As it may be seen from the response essay examples, these types of essays require less formal writing compared to a book review, for example. Actually, it is expected from a writer to express his thoughts using the first person, which makes the paper more personalized. The article below will provide you some response essay tips in regard to response writing. However, if you do not know how to write a response essay, you can always use a professional response essay sample, which will demonstrate the main writing techniques regardless of the essay topics.

It is important to remember that even if the paper allows you some freedom in writing, it is still an academic piece of writing.

Writing a response paper requires from a writer to read a text, understand it, single out a point he/she wants to respond to and provide an analytical piece of writing. Considering that response paper writing is an academic activity, the writer should avoid emotional representation of information. It should be supported with evidence and be credible.

Here are some detailed tips on writing a response paper:

Reading and Understanding the Text

If you find some interesting points in the process of reading, do not hesitate to write down them, as well as your thoughts connected to the extracts. Do not postpone with some sort of reflections until the reading is done. In this case, you may lose some important points or just forget about them. In order to understand the text better, it is recommended to ask yourself some specific question, which may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Do the authors provide credible facts?
  • How is the work related to similar works of other authors?
  • Have the authors discussed this question earlier? How did their position change with time?
  • In what way do the previous works make the arguments of the writers stronger of weaker?
You are free to make up a list of your own questions during writing a response paper. However, it is crucial that they meet your specific needs.

Prewriting Stage

Writing a response paper is a complex process and it is not recommended to start writing the final version of the paper at once after reading a text. Prewriting stage is developed to help a writer collect his thoughts and create a rough draft of the paper, which can be later transformed into a superb response. The best time to start this stage is immediately after reading a text, while your impression is fresh and you remember the text well. It is important to note that response writing is mostly based on your own feelings connected to the text. So, in order to complete this stage successfully, you may ask yourself such questions as:
  • Does the text has a relation to your personal experience? Experience of people in general?
  • Do you think the text goes in agreement with your own understanding of ethics?
  • Is there a direct or indirect relation of the text to the topic you are going to respond to?
  • Did the text help you comprehend the opposing view better?
  • Did you like what you read? Your reaction?


Depending on your task, you may respond to one or more issues. Even if the issues for consideration are multiple, make sure they are connected. After all the issues have been clarified, all the questions have been answered and all the important points have been outlined, you can start working on your final paper. However, even if it is a final stage, it does not mean that you cannot change anything. In case you find some information irrelevant, feel free to remove it for the sake of the final result. Believe in yourself and you will definitely succeed!

While observation essay writing for some reading, you should do the following:

  • Read the book and understand it;
  • Outline and mark the most important parts;
  • Write down personal impressions;
  • Write a thesis;
  • Create an outline;
  • Write an essay.

Different response paper examples will show you how to create a nice response essay.

Do not be afraid to share your own thoughts regarding the issue under discussion. If you find it difficult, refer to some response essay example. Actually, response essay examples can be very useful in the writing process.

Avoid providing nasty comments. Your task is to analyze and express your own ideas about the topic but not to criticize.

If you use essay writing examples you will see that the writers are encouraged to use such phrases as “In my opinion”, “I was moved by…”, etc.

High quality examples of college essays or college essay samples can contain all necessary information for successful assignment completion. Any essay sample you use can be helpful, if you do it wisely. Do not be afraid to use example essay in your work.