Exploratory Essay Topics

Exploratory essays are in some way similar to news reports. Actually, it is a very easy type of paper to write. If you have done some research, gathered your sources and analyzed them, then you will not face any difficulties with putting those ideas together for the essay. Here are some ideas that will help you with writing an outline.

Choose the Question

An exploratory essay should examine at least three sides of the certain question that people do not agree about. That is why, first of all, choose one of the most appropriate essay writing topics.

To ensure you have chosen the best topic for your paper, answer the following questions:

  • Do people really disagree about this issue? Is it something they are willing to discuss right now?
  • What are the reasons and effects of this situation?
  • What is really important about this question?
  • What is the best solution to this issue?
  • Is this issue actually the best for you to write a good paper?

Write an Introduction

In the introductory part of your exploratory essay, you have to define and describe your topic and clearly state the main question. It is important to explain the issue and present the readers with the information that provides background and makes the paper interesting.

Work on the Body Part

The body of an exploratory essay has to consist of two important parts.

In the first one, you have to describe the rhetorical situation surrounding the question you are arguing, explain who and why is interested in it.

In this part you should discuss the following things:

  • How long has this issue been around? Has it changed over time?
  • Do people discuss this question on social media, news or mainly personally?
  • Who is interested in this issue?
  • Are there any recent events that have an effect on the way people talk about it?

In the second part of the body, you should explain all the opinions that people have on this question.

To write this section well, use the following tips on how to write essay:

  • Describe the different points of view people have on this question. You should write down not less than three answers, each for at least one paragraph.
  • Provide evidence for each point of view. Look at your sources and highlight the most interesting information for every opinion. You may even copy and paste these pieces of evidence into the outline.

Write the Conclusion

In the concluding part of your exploratory essay, you can either challenge the readers to make up their own point of view, share your opinion, or maybe, do both of these.

To help you with this part, answer the questions:

  • What answer would you provide to the selected question? Would it be one of the described opinions, a combination of views, or a totally new idea?
  • Have you changed your mind about this issue after a thorough study?
  • What is the most significant source for people to use in deciding about this issue?
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