Right from the discovery of basic things such as fire by early people, human beings have been in a constant quest to solve most of the problems that surround them. Every day, they look for new ways how they can make their lives easier. The most recent advancement in the technological world is that of drones. These are aerial vehicles in the air, which can be remotely controlled by humans or computers. In the past, the major use for drones was in the military. However, their uses have continued to evolve and increase inevitably. Most governments have started favouring the use of drones to better lives of people and make most of the work in a nation easier. This essay has been prepared as a report on how drones can be created for use in organisations, especially business. With the help of researches conducted by other authors, the report has been made general in the sense that it applies to most organisations in the world and specific in the sense that it can be applied by a particular organisation.

General Information about Drones

As mentioned above, a drone is a device or machine that can be remotely controlled in the air. Most of the uses to which they have been put are in the military. During practice, drones that are less expensive are used by soldiers. This is to assist them in perfecting their skills in case they are involved in real combat in the battlefield. However, high performance drones are used in actual fields. For example, the military may be willing to carry out a reconnaissance in a certain region where they would be expecting heavy fire and hostilities. In such case, drones that have been provided by the government are used since they have really been invested in. Most drones in the military are currently not operated by the use of computers. Instead, they have human operators who are expected to make their decisions based on intuition and common human knowledge. In the future, computers will be the major operator of these drones, a fact that will massively reduce required labour (Whittle, 2014).

In the US, drones have been used for a number of other purposes. For example, they have been used along borders to ensure that the government has enough information on smugglers that would be willing to bring illegal products in the US. Immigrants and terrorists have also been heavily manned in the country by the use of drones. In another situation, this would require humans to man the borders, which may lead to spending of more resources in terms of money and time. From this perspective, drones have been used to ensure that this work can be performed with great ease. Apart from these policing issues, there are many other ways how drones have been used (Abizaid, 2014).

The major problem that is facing the increased use of drones is the risk that most people may misuse them. When the internet started to be used by the world, most people believed that it would only harbour good and positive activities. This is because it was used to bring people together. However, this notion has been proven wrong with advancements in the technological world. First, it is not selective in terms of people it brings together. This means that it also brings criminals together. There are many negative effects of the internet, which have been largely mentioned in the past. This is the same case that may be expected with the use of drones. For example, private companies have already started investing in drones. This could lead to unauthorised monitoring of private lives of other individuals. They might also enter unauthorised regions and even threaten to reveal some hidden information from the government, which may be disastrous. As a result of this, governments in the world have taken as many precautions as possible. The US is one of the nations where the use of drones can be considered to be extensive. The Federal Aviation Administration has come up with ways in which they can regulate wrongful use of drones. This is by instituting regulations that govern the use and applications of drones (Fahlstrom & Gleason, 2012).

The civil war in the US was the major contributor to the need to come up with the UAVs. It was when there was a need to drop bombs in areas that were hostile enough for humans to be involved. This was when the first use of drones was documented. Balloons were major gadgets used. The major problem was that they depended on wind. Sometimes, wind would be against the wishes of the military. In such cases, they were bound to fail. This was a problem that would be solved by drones. Japan also tried to use these balloons in the Second World War. They just hoped that winds would direct these balloons to the US and start forest fires. This was an unsure method to try and make military attacks. It brought about the need to use drones. Germany was one of the earliest users of successful drones. These were controlled by operators who had remotes. Technology increased and improved by the time the US was getting involved in the war between North and South Vietnam over communism. The use of drones had evolved to a level that it had become more successful than it was expected. Since then, other inventions have led to the extensive use of these gadgets and their subsequent success (Bergen & Rothenberg, 2014).

Project Objectives

The major aim of this project is to come up with an invention that will favour the solution of problems in the world. At the level of specific organisations, this project aims to come up with a life-changing invention that can lead to greater ease in the performance of specific duties. The most considered factor here is time. This is one of the resources that organisations are constantly running out of. With increase in the population of the world, there has been a subsequent increase in the demand for goods and services that are produced by organisations. With these trends, some companies have not been able to achieve timely supply, which would satisfy this demand. With the idea used in this essay, this problem can be solved to some extent. The use of drones has been used as the choice of the innovation, which entrails development of existent uses of these gadgets. With these creative ideas, it would be possible to ensure that drones are of great help to various organisations in the world. The use of these innovations to organisations would suggest the lack of objectivity in this essay to any reader who is not careful enough to read between the lines. This is because organisations that most people would think about would be business ones. However, it is important to note that problems solved in business organisations affect the general public. For example, if these drones can increase the quality of goods and services, while still supplying the demand for goods, this will benefit the society (Whittle, 2014).

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Everyone can bear witness that the most successful economies are those that apply capitalism. This is because business organisations in these regions try to compete with each other, which leads to the increase in the quality of goods and services and creation of employment that is a solution to major problems in the world. For readers that may still not be convinced about the positive use of drones, inventions have also been made to be used by the government. This is the best way to ensure that drones are used for the benefit of the whole society. The government is the single institution that has been trusted by most people to function for the betterment of the society. Therefore, innovations and inventions that favour the ease of conducting their activities would be serving the interest of the public. These are major objectives of this project (Whittle, 2014).

Types and Uses of Drones

This is the part of the essay that deals with uses to which drones have been put in the past and the ones that can be developed in the future. The first use int of drones is monitoring of atmospheric conditions. For example, when people need to pass through lands that may be considered to be hostile, drones can be sent there to find out if these atmospheric conditions are disastrous. Wildlife research has also been done by the use of drones. This is one of the best ways to monitor animals without necessarily disrupting their lives and causing distortion of their natural habitats. These uses that have been mentioned are mainly required by the government. However, there are other purposes that have been used by organisations. These can be regarded as commercial drones since they favour the conduction of business (Dombrowski & Gholz, 2013). For example, drones can be used for film making. This is where the drones are made using cameras that can be used to take videos.

Aerial videos are not a common experience in the world. This may lead to invention of new and attractive ways through which videos are made by different business organisations. This would favour business in a way that would be new for most customers. News houses can also use drones in the recording of live events that may threaten the presence of their journalists. For example, most war zones do not receive live recording. With the use of drones, which do not pose threats to any humans, news can be received on a live basis. This would promote business of broadcasting corporations, which would air news before their competitors. Such competition would lead to the betterment of broadcasting services and the world would receive vital information that should affect steps and activities that happen in their lives (Bruno, Ronconi, Batista, & Merola, 2014).

In the future, most activities will involve the use of drones. For example, medical prescriptions can be delivered by the use of drones. For customers that may be far away from the organisation, prescriptions can be delivered to their doorstep. This automatically comes to show that areas that different businesses cover in their activities increase to levels that may promote business in a way they have never expected. This can apply to the delivery of goods like basic foodstuff. It would be amazing if pizza was to be delivered at one’s doorstep. It would show the extent to which things would be made easier and labour costs would be decreased. Wind turbines can also be surveyed by the use of drones. There are some countries whose production of electricity has not reached required levels. Apart from hydroelectricity, the use of wind to produce electricity has been seen as a major contributor of electricity in the world. Monitoring of these wind turbines can, therefore, favour the conduction of activities that favour the betterment of engines on which the world runs. Oceans can also be manned to solve the menace of piracy and impending military attacks that may be conducted through the sea. This can aid in the increase in the security of nations that happen to be near the sea. Increase in security favours business of most organisations in the world (Dombrowski & Gholz, 2013).

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Vision and Mission

The major vision of this essay is to make the world a better place for humans and monitor other natural phenomena in the environment now and in the future. This is the basic description of sustainability. Sustainable systems are those that better the world today and take care of the situation that will be there tomorrow. Most inventions and discoveries that have been made in the world have just solved current problems. However, there is a need for systems that can deal with present and future problems. The major mission of this essay is creation of a bond between technology and positive effects of discoveries, which can better the world. A bond between technology and the future of the human race has been lacking in the recent past. This has been achieved in this project. It has attempted to ensure that drones are only used for positive purposes to improve people’s lives (Cavoukian, 2012). Otherwise, they would be used for unjust and evil courses such as terrorism. In such case, this helpful invention would have been turned into a disaster. With the existing technology, people are able to manoeuver their own ways of committing crimes and using it for negative purposes. With the invention as creative as drones, damage that could be done is disastrous. This means that the use of drones should be protected by the government, as well as ethical values of respective organisations. With such a combination of efforts, the technology would not be easily misused.

Equipment and Process to Make Drones

One of the major challenges in the use of drones is their initial manufacturing costs. This is because of the equipment and materials that are required. It is essential to note most drones are expected to be created for use in conditions that humans cannot withstand. Therefore, it is important to consider materials that are needed to make drones. These would be materials that can withstand a wide range of atmospheric and other conditions. Alloys of aluminum and magnesium are among the best materials that can be used. This is due to their durability and inert nature. The next process after identification of materials to be used is design of drones. They have to be designed in a way that they can generate their own lift while in the air. This would require knowledge of aerodynamics and pressure applications. The next installation in drones would be remote sensors. The essence of drones is that they do not have to be manned. Therefore, they should have remote sensors to allow operators to control them from a far distance (Bracken‐Roche et al., 2014).

Installations that are made in drones may also depend on intended uses. Fuelling is necessary to power these drones in the air. This favours forward movement since the lift is caused by the aerodynamics applied. Then, a video camera may be installed in case videos need to be taken. Lasers can also be used to identify some objects that are intended by the mission. For example, weapons can be detected by the use of these lasers, which would promote and increase security. Other installations that may be necessary include armaments and sensors. These should be specified by the need that a particular organisation wishes to solve and achieve. For example, if drones are to be used for long distances, remote sensors can be made stronger to facilitate control while air borne. Then, there would be a need for a station from which drones are controlled. These would be a plane in the sky, a station on the ground, a ship, or a satellite link that has been created for the person controlling the drone (Fahlstrom & Gleason, 2012).

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Like many other inventions in the world, the use of drones has its advantages and disadvantages. With the creativity observed in the world, advantages seem to be increasing. This is because governments are promoting positive uses and applications of drones. With this in mind, it is necessary to start with advantages since they are the ones on which the public can build over the years. It is necessary to note that drones make use of aerodynamic forces. Just like airplanes, lower pressure is created at the top part of drones since they have been built to have higher air velocity at the top as compared to the bottom. This creates a lift on drones, which shows that not much force is used in the induction of flight on drones. This is an advantage since the work that they perform is important in various ways. Such work without much input is a huge advantage for the public. This is an advantage that can be considered as a general use of drones. Moreover, it leads to generation of other advantages that can be directly linked to it. For example, there is no need for people to be present in drones to make them fly. This has been used as an advantage in the military. Most of the military warfare, in which drones are used, records a small death toll. Fewer people die when drones are used. This is because there are no people who have been put at risk. When drones have been shot, they are the only ones that are lost by the military. This is advantageous since hostile environments can now be invaded with great ease and confidence (Boon & Lovelace, 2014).

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have a huge advantage over piloted airplanes. This advantage is that they are not limited by some of the extents that are caused by the presence of humans. For example, there are heights that piloted planes cannot reach. This is due to air pressure above these heights, which may not be conducive for humans. There are also some heights at which the oxygen concentration goes below the required one. In such a case, humans may suffocate in planes. However, drones just need to function properly and they can be in a position to move across and over all these limits. The other factor is that they can fly for longer periods and, in fact, as long as the power required to fly them for this period is available. There are lengths of time over which humans can fly on planes. These limits do not apply to drones. The longest time that a drone has ever flown was almost 337 hours. This happened back in 2010 when this record was set and it has not been exceeded to date. This advantage can be used when drones are expected to carry out work that may need them to be in the air for a longer time. For example, drones may be used for surveillance, which requires a lot of patience. This is a situation when they would be more appropriate than piloted airplanes (Boon & Lovelace, 2014).

Drones can be trusted to perform repetitive processes that require high precision. This is an attribute that cannot be mentioned for humans. For activities that may seem to be repetitive, humans may become bored or tired. This is due to the fact that they are prone to fatigue unlike machines. Fatigue reduces accuracy and precision that humans can achieve in their work. For example, humans may be required to be in aircrafts when they fire at specific targets. After some time, people in the aircraft may be forced to retire from work and, maybe, resume during the next day. This is due to fatigue that comes from the repetitive nature of the exercise. Drones can be a perfect solution for such work, which is an advantage that has been largely appreciated by military strategists. It can be applied in many other areas and sectors. Along with this advantage, it would be necessary to mention that there is no operator that can be placed in danger. For example, a certain organisation would need to perform a duty while in the air although conditions may be hostile for this endeavour. In such an endeavour, the use of a drone would be the most appropriate. There would be no person that would be placed at risk. Harsh climate is another instance that can be experienced in such jobs (Boon & Lovelace, 2014). Without the risk to a single person, it would be safe to send these drones to perform such tasks. The extent to which drones can be used around the world can explain the range of conditions that they might be expected to survive in the future. The good news is that it is not a problem as long as they are unmanned (Abizaid, 2014).

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The other inevitable advantage is reduction in the production cost. It is well-known that one of the most important factors of production is labour. This is a factor that can prove to be expensive. For example, hiring of pilots to fly aircrafts is extremely expensive. Apart from the initial production cost in which the airplanes are manufactured, labour is one of the most costly factors for organisations. For drones, only a few people on the ground would be required on the higher level. For some activities, drones can be even controlled by computers only. This shows the extent to which drones can increase productivity in various economies. There are some people who believe that this is a disadvantage in the sense that they would reduce employment. However, this is from the perspective of a person who would be thinking about the general society. Considering a single organisation, which is the major aim in this essay, it would reduce the general production cost and increase profits to levels that could not be expected by the company. In the long run, drones would be a priority for most organisations that have the platform on which they can use them (Boon & Lovelace, 2014).

Disadvantages concerning the use of drones are also existent. The use of drones means that there is no human intuition. Intuition is represented by decisions that humans make without much thinking. It is like the use of instincts in animals. For example, drones may be instructed to perform a certain task in an organisation. During its execution when a computer is used, factors may change and it can be recognisable only for a human who should be in the air. In such a situation, there would be a great need for judgment that may miss because of the lack of humans in planes. Drones would go on to execute duties that they have been given by the computer. In a delicate situation, irreparable damage may be done, which is a risk that cannot afford to be taken. In business, losses can be incurred to levels that cannot be easily undone (Shima & Rasmussen, 2009).

The most disastrous disadvantages can only be seen in the actual use of drones. One of the areas in which they have been extensively used is in the military. When soldiers are shooting and firing at target manually, they seem to recognise when there are civilians and restrain from shooting them. This shows that they use their human feelings, thoughts, and ideas to ensure that they do not kill innocent people. From the time that drones were introduced, there have been arguments that the operators develop a trigger happy habit. This is where they just see their targets as blips on the screen. Therefore, they are thoughtless about the issue of firing at civilians. For example, there is a research carried out by Brookings institution. They came up with the finding that every time a leader of the military was killed in Pakistan, around nine more people were killed when drones were used. The disastrous fact about it is that these additional people were civilians. This is a disadvantage that may be reduced in the future through some potential inventions. However, this does not disqualify it from being considered as a disadvantage in the present times. With the mention of these disadvantages, there are some people who would argue that the use of drones should be discouraged. However, it is also clear that the levels to which they can be made positive is guided by creativity that is observed in people. This goes to show that when in the right hands these machines can make the world a better place (Shima & Rasmussen, 2009).

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Literature Review

There is a need to find out what most other researchers think about the use of drones in the world. This is one of the best ways in which the research that has been conducted can be verified and ridded of errors that may occur. According to Bruno et al. (2014), there are two major technologies that have been utilised in drones. The first technology is the one thanks to which drones fly for long distances in the absence of any operators. Therefore, their movement is not interfered with. This is a drone that is being used in the commercial world and utilised by most organisations, which have decided to start using drones. The second type of drones just requires presence of satellites. Any person with a low bandwidth gadget can have access to it. This classification of drones is important for organisations to make a decision on what to acquire based on the type of operations they want executed (Bruno et al., 2014).

Abizaid (2014) has explained that most drones in the US military have not been weaponised. According to him, these are not among the most tactical ways through which the US can achieve success in the battlefield. This is because they may fail to be selective in terms of people they kill. This is a suggestion that there are many other opportunities that remain to be seized in the making of discoveries on drones. Bracken‐Roche et al. (2014) have confirmed this assumption by explaining differences between different drones. They explain that capabilities of these UAVs in the air vary. Therefore, organisations should ensure that they acquire the right type if they are to realise any success. Regulations on drones are also different according to the type acquired. Talking of regulations, Cavoukian (2012) has explained bills that have been passed with regard to the use of drones. She has said that the use of drones is restricted by the government to ensure that surveillance on private property does not happen. Therefore, organisations should take great care and caution before they send drones to any particular areas.


The essay above is a clear proof that technology can be used to benefit the society. The fact that drones can be productively used to support development and economic changes in the world is encouraging. This is because it shows that the humanity can change most technology that may be used negatively in a positive manner. Drones are just a representation of the dynamic nature of the uses of technology in the lives of humans. Another example is nuclear power. The mention of nuclear power brings in the sense of war in the minds of people. Even nations that are considered to be the most powerful in the world are those that are thought to be nuclear tipped, apart from controlling natural resources such as gold and oil reserves. However, advancement in technology has seen these stereotypic notions proven wrong by the fact that nuclear energy can be considered as one of the major future sources of power to run engines in the world. This is the same that has been seen with respect to drones according to the research above. With such a trend, one can be sure that the world will be a better place in a few years.

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