A Well-Written Essay Example On Memory

Memory is a very complex process and up to date scientists have not been able to fully understand human memory process. For this reason there are many theories and ideas about the same though they are very controversial. Memory is a very important process in our day to day activities therefore without memory it would be very difficult to operate effectively as humans. Human memory or the process of memory is scientifically described as set of stores with an important task of storing information. On addition to the set stores there is a set of processes that make memory complete. The set of processes are instrumental in acting on the stored information. A simple model which can be used to explain the process of memory may contain three important different stores for instance the long term, short term and sensory information stores. These three stores are very important in storing the acquired or processed information (Schacter 138).

The act of remembering is very important for learning and daily operations. For example people usually carry out the activities that they had planned prior to that day and for this reason if a person cannot remember whatever they had planned to carry out then those activities will not be done. Learning is a continuous process which is not limited by age, locality and position. For this reason people normally learn from their past occurrences or experiences therefore when memory becomes impaired then daily learning will not occur. The three processes that are very instrumental for memorizing include encoding, maintenance and retrieval. For information to be stored it has to be encoded first. The things and events that people carry out each day are encoded. The encoded information can either be stored for a long or short period. Short term memory helps one to carry out the easy normal duties whereas long term information is needed for the future.

Memory Essay Example

Retrieval of the stored information gives memory its meaning. For example memory is of little or no use if the stored information cannot be found at the time of need. Memory stores can only store information as long as there is space or more room therefore when this stores  have stored maximum information certain information tend to be lost and this explains why people forget some things. Basing on the simple model that we have used in this paper information obtained from sensory parts like ears and eyes are stored in the sensory information store. This kind of information is either ignored meaning it is not stored for a long time or it is stored. Ignored information usually experience interference and that is the reason it is either lost or masked by other things. On the contrary information that was attended to under goes processing and on addition to that it is protected from any form of interference (Nevid 219).

How to Write an Event Essay About a Memory

Some form of information that can be stored in the sensory information store can be a visible bright red object ahead, if this information is attended to a person will now it is a stop sign. Such information is stored in the short term store. Therefore short term store has a small storage capacity and the rate of decay is vey fast. This is the reason such information becomes inaccessible within a very short time. On addition to that such information is easily replaced by new information a process referred to as interference. Interference usually causes memory retrieval errors. Processes like rehearsal may cause the stored information to be retained for a long time therefore things that are done on a daily basis cannot be easily forgotten because it is transferred into the long term store. Repeated information is therefore permanently available and that is the reason people do not experience problems in doing their routinely work or duties.

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