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Qualitative research implies the study of non-quantifiable social aspects. This design employs a number of research methodologies to collect, analyze and present information. This essay, however concentrates of in depth interview as one of the methodologies. In depth interview refers to one on one interaction with respondents during collection of data. This methodology operates on a number of assumptions, under which it is conducted for each type of study. The most basic of these assumptions is that of the implicit nature of the respondents. This means that all respondents are considered to have equal knowledge of the aspect under study. It is vital to work on this assumption to avoid possibility of biasness. Secondly, in depth interviews assume that all phenomena are studied entirely. This means that, for any subject under study, it would be inappropriate to narrow down a phenomena to make simple dependent and independent variables.

Qualitative research is regarded highly due to its nature of being holistic, comprehensive, descriptive, and narrative nature, it explores the aspects under study entirely. In research, not all aspects can be quantified; therefore, qualitative research provides an opportunity to study aspects such as behavior whose variables cannot be put in numbers. Secondly and most importantly, qualitative research places few assumptions on what are to be studied thus enabling one explore it fully. However, the method is time consuming and costly to undertake as it requires series of activities from data collection, analysis and presentation of findings.

In depth interview on the other hand, has its specific benefits and limitations as a method of qualitative research. For instance, by conducting an in depth interview, one obtains first hand information from respondents and the use of open interviews process allows respondents respond in their own words. In addition, it gives the respondent a sense of confidentiality making it appropriate for looking into sensitive social issues. However, it has some drawbacks. It does not employ the rule of random sampling and the sample size is relatively smaller posing the question of credibility and objectivity of the findings.

Finally, qualitative researchers face some ethical issues in their quest. The problem of informed consent is a big challenge it this methodology. All potential respondents are entitled to know what a researcher is doing and why before participating. This may not always be the case, posing serious ethical concerns. Secondly, is the issue of privacy and anonymity of respondents. According to Orb, Eisenhauer, and Wynaden, researchers are tasked with keeping the identity of the respondents and their responses anonymous and confidential. It is the role of every researcher to guarantee anonymity and confidentiality to their respondents. In conclusion, qualitative research may not be applicable at all instances but can appropriately undertaken under applicable circumstances.

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