Free Infertility Essay Example

The influence of infertility on emotional health

Infertility refers to a situation whereby a male adult is unable to make a female pregnant or an adult female is unable to conceive. Therefore, if one partner or both partners is/are infertile, then they will not be able to produce children unless treatment administered to the affected.

Infertility might influence one’s emotional health in the following ways:

In most cases newly married couples are very eager to their first born child and if some years pass by and there is no sign of conception, then the parties get concerned. This does not mean the couples but also their immediate family members and friends. With this therefore, the married couples might undergo a very stressful period in trying to find out the reasons as to why they have not been able to produce a child.

The fear of being rejected or divorced when one is proven to be infertile greatly influences one’s emotional health. This is because some people would never want to remain in a childless marriage or with an infertile partner. Among all races across the globe, children are believed to be a binding factor in marriage because they enable continuity in family lineage for purpose of inheritance.

The real cause of one’s infertility itself has a lot of influence in one’s emotional health. This is because people with infertility problems tend have so many imaginations about the possible causes of their problem even before visiting an infertility specialist (Reproductive Endocrinologist) for any check-up. Others think that they may never get out of this undesirable situation for life .

How infertility might affect overall physical health

Infertility might affect one’s overall physical health in the following ways:

  • Given that infertility leads to a lot of stress which is a psychological problem, it may consequently affect someone’s physical health. This can be as a result of weight loss caused by too much thinking about a particular problem which in this case is infertility.
  • The treatment for infertility is also very costly and therefore low income earners may find it not easily affordable. This therefore means that, spending a lot of money on treating infertility will affect someone’s financial budget and even the physical health will be affected. For example, one’s feeding patterns may change among other things at the expense of getting treatment for infertility.
  • It should be noted that, infertility is undesirable and has got a very big impact on someone’s emotional health which consequently affect one’s overall physical health. That is to say, from psychological to physical problems.
  • Lucille’s general practitioner might support the couple as they undergo infertility treatment by getting to know that James had undergone vasectomy reversal the previous year. Vasectomy reversal is a surgical operation which makes a man is unable to release sperms due to the disconnection of the testis from the urethra.

James’ and Lucille’s primary care providers should be familiar with the following infertility treatment options/procedures:

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

This is a form of infertility treatment administered by injecting the sperms into the cytoplasm and it is done when dealing with male infertility factors.

Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (GIFT)

This infertility treatment option involves removing a woman’s eggs, mixing them with sperm and immediately placing them into the fallopian tube.

Zygote Intra Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT)

This is also known as Tubal Embryo Transfer (TET) as suggested by Fritz & Speroff, and it involves the direct transfer of the fertilized embryo into the fallopian tube .

These primary care providers should be familiar with all the above infertility treatment options because different people have different reproductive health problems (causes of infertility)

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