Making a Choice of the Workplace

It is beyond all doubt that the workplace plays a critically important role for both employers and employees. On the one hand, employees spend the majority of their life time at work, so this time should be comfortable, pleasant, and productive. On the other hand, the better the workplace is, the more effectively the job can be done, which is beneficiary for the owner of the company. However, nowadays there is a considerable problem with finding a company, in which an employee would like to work. That is why each person should create their own criteria and characteristics, which the company should meet, in order to be a desired workplace.

There many scientific studies, which suggest different approaches to making a choice of the workplace. One of them is Harvard Business review article, called “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth” (Goffee and Jones). Authors suggest that there should be some advice, followed by the employers in order to create a perfect workplace for the employees. The suggestions are as follows: let people be themselves, ensure the flow of information, discover and improve people’s strengths, stand for more than shareholder value, show how the daily work makes sense, and have rules, in which people can believe (Goffee and Jones). Although, all pieces of advice that are suggested are important, each person should create their own list of items that a desired workplace should include.

My Personal List of Criteria for Choosing a Workplace

As for my personal list of criteria that the organization should fulfill in order to become the most desirable place to work at, there are several of them. To begin with, the organization should be quite large, well-known, and sustainable. The best variant is a transnational corporation. Usually such companies have many interesting projects, foreign business trips, and a possibility to grow on the career ladder. Another important “musthave” for the desired organization is the field of activity. It is my strong belief that even the most successful company will not satisfy an employee with a job if it is operating in the sphere, which does not attract the employee. And the last but not the least is the working atmosphere. Considering the fact that about one third of the day is spent in the office, people, who surround the employee, should be friendly and pleasant to work with. According to the previously discussed criteria, I have chosen Google Inc. as the company that I am aiming to work at. I have made my decision concerning working place after a conversation with a friend, who had undergone practice in Google Inc. and told me much information about inside company rules and trends.

Google Inc Company Description

Google Inc. is one of the most powerful multinational corporations. The company was founded in 1998 and it is specializing in high technology services and products (Google, Inc.). They include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. The company is rapidly developing, and since the time it is present on the market, it has merged with many competitors, which has already become the strategy of company’s growth (Google, Inc.).

In 2000 Google Inc. introduced AdWords, which is the program that gives a possibility to create online advertising campaigns (Google, Inc.). Another important service that is very profitable and useful is well-known Gmail, which is the version of email with a large storage and high-speed search (Google, Inc.). Other useful products of Google Inc. are Google Maps and Google Earth (Google, Inc.). They were launched in 2005 after acquiring digital mapping company Keyhole (Google, Inc.). In 2006, the company bought online video sharing site YouTube (Google, Inc.). Nowadays, YouTube is the most popular video web-site. Finally, the most well-known product of Google Inc is Android, which is an open platform for mobile devices (Google, Inc.). So, the products of Google Inc. are the most updated technological novelties and any employee would like to become involved in their development and implementation on the global market.

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Google Inc HR Strategy

When analyzing the working place of Google Inc, it is of great importance to take a look at company’s HR strategy, namely the way, in which organization attracts, develops, and retains human capital. The slogan of HR strategy is “Create a happier workforce! With the right tools, you can attract the best talent, develop happier and more productive employees and foster a culture of continuous innovation.”

Another HR strategy, which is used by Google, is struggling for best workers. Previously discussed features prove that company is trying to create the best conditions for the employees in order to be the leader on the human resource market. Besides, HR department creates an effective compensation and appreciation system that lets people be satisfied with remuneration for their work.

One more trend of the human resource development of Google Company is using all available Google tools for work. Management of the company encourages employees to use Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Search for work. They believe that the usage of own company’s tools will help to become more knowledgable and proficient at the workplace.

In addition, Google Inc. is motivating the employees to develop themselves. Employees are encouraged to express their own point of view and tell all ideas, concerning company development. In addition, genius co-workers are another reason that motivates people to work for Google. Smart people work for Google and they are always willing to improve their skills and broaden their outlook (Raymundo). Google employees believe that their work has a considerable beneficial effect on the lives of others. They are proud to be engaged in development, production, promotion, or launching of something well-known as Android, YouTube, or Gmail. Moreover, one of the core advantages of working in Google is a variety of career opportunities (Raymundo).

As far as human capital retaining is concerned, it is important to say that Google Inc. has developed a strong system of encouragement, insurance, and remuneration. According to Raymundo, a paid paternity leave was extended from 7 to 12 weeks. New parents, working at Google, can have up to 12 weeks of leave for men and 22 weeks for women. (Raymundo).

Another method, applied by the company to encourage its employees to stay working for Google is perks. They are applied in different fields, from discounts in cafeterias to the free visits of doctors and haircutters. All of them are aimed at maximum employees’ satisfaction (Raymundo). So, Google Inc. have developed effective strategy of employees’ attraction and development as well as retention of its human capital.

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Google’s Mission and Vision

Company leaders define Google’s mission as the following: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” (Google, Inc.). The settled mission is proved with all the information that is posted on the web-site. The company makes the stress on the fact that they are working in order to deliver the best services and products to the customers of Google Inc. but not to earn maximum profits. In addition, they emphasize that they are trying to make the usage of their products most convenient, fast, and effective. So, even a random visitor of the Google Inc. web-site has an impression that he is appreciated and that the company takes care of him.

As for the vision of Google Inc., it is “to provide access to the world’s information in one click.” (Thompson). The whole purpose of the company’s activity is the manifestation of its vision. It can be proved by the fact that the Google’s main activity is providing Internet search service. It has become the leader on the market and it gives people from all over the world a possibility to easily access the information. Thus, the company effectively implements and fulfills its vision statement.

Values and goals of the company

One of the most important characteristics of Google Inc. is an appreciation of corporate values and goals. There are ten values, listed on the web-site of the company, which are called “Ten Things We Know to Be True” (Google, Inc.). These values were settled at the moment of the company’s establishment and they are still active. It means that the company is faithful to its values. However, Google Inc. reviews these values in order to be flexible and to check whether these values are still true. The first value deals with users and their importance. Company stresses the fact that it is working only for its customers and is willing to deliver the best services for them. Another value is aimed at one of the core activities of the company, namely, research system. Another thing, which the company is willing to provide, is a fast and democratic service for the customers. In addition, Google Inc. is emphasizing the importance and effectiveness of the Google mobile services usage and new possibilities, opened for business by the company products (Google, Inc.). Thereby, values of the company support the whole business strategy and create a healthy working place for its employees.

One of the most important values for a person, who is willing to work for Google Inc., is the value called “You can be serious without a suit” (Google, Inc.). The owners of the company try to teach their employees that work needs to be challenging, and these challenges should be fun. They want their colleagues to be creative, smart, highly-effective, and satisfied with their working place. The company appreciates the contribution of each worker to the achievements of a common company goal. The last but equally important value says that “Great Just Isn’t Good Enough” (Google, Inc.), which means that the company is constantly developing, improving, and changing.
As for the goals of the company, Google Inc. has settled a goal to give access to the Internet to the next billion of users. The goal is global and a long-term one. It shows a great mission of the company. However, there are many short-terms goals of the company that need to be reached first. However, these goals are confidential and are not disclosed to the public. Thus, values are supporting the global goal and create the background for its achieving.

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Requirements for Employment in Google Inc.

Google Inc. is showing company’s attitude to the employment on its web-site. They are looking for people, who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to the effective team of Google Inc. Company is making a stress on the fact that they are willing to employ creative, flexible, and smart people. They are looking for people, who have such personal characteristics as curiosity, passion, and desire to learn. In addition, Google pays extra attention to a healthy and friendly team, so the employees have to be friendly and pleasant. Finally, the main requirement for candidates, who want to become employed in Google, is to be “big thinkers eager to take on fresh challenges as a team” (Google Inc.).

Taking into account the fact that the remuneration for working in Google Inc. is quite high, the process of interview and employment is rather tough. HR department is testing candidates with special tests that are aimed to reveal the way of thinking rather than professional characteristics. In addition, candidates for free positions in Google need to have critical thinking and positive attitude to life.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture plays a critical role in a description of a perfect working place. Basing on personal perception of the information, received from person, who has personally seen the culture, as well as taking into account her opinion, it is possible to make a conclusion about very favorable, warm, and cooperative corporate culture. First of all, the company has a tolerant approach to the employment. People of different nationalities and races are employed by Google Inc. In addition, management of the company is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Employees may feel free to ask anyone, even founders of the company, if they need something. It creates a good and comfortable working climate that any worker would like to work in. In addition, meetings may be held in non-official circumstances, for example, while playing golf or drinking tea (Google, Inc).

Corporate culture has become the exact critical issue, which persuaded me to be eager to become a part of Google team. The corporate culture of Google Company is unique and different from other companies. People, who have become a part of company’s team, feel that they have acquired a new family. Therefore, Google Inc. managed to develop very strong, competitive, and unique corporate culture, which attracts best specialists, who are willing to become a part of Google team.

Google HR Strategy vs. Scientific Approach

In conclusion, one can say that Google Inc. has developed very effective and beneficial employee-employer relationships for both sides – a worker and an owner of the company. After the research made on the Google Company, I have become certain that Google Inc. is a perfect working place for me. However, it is important to compare it’s strategy to the scientific studies. According to Harvard Business Review article “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth”, the company should “stand for more than shareholder value, show how the daily work makes sense, have rules people can believe in” (Goffee and Jones). Notably, all of the rules listed in Harvard Business Review are followed in Google Inc. in relationships with employees.

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As for “standing for more than shareholder values”, the company is constantly proving that their target goal is not earning extremely high profits, but providing the most effective and proficient products to their customers. They are taking care of fast service, loyal users and satisfied clients.

The second component of Harvard Business Review is also followed by Google Inc. Google is encouraging workers to use the products of their own company while accomplishing everyday work. Each employee uses Gmail as e-mail, Good Maps, YouTube and other widespread high-technological products that are offered by the company. In addition, the company is emphasizing the fact that each employee has made a contribution to reaching target goals and succeeding in the market. This is how all employees feel their importance. Besides, Google gives the employees the information that most companies prefer not to share. Owners of the company make their employees decision-makers. In addition, there is a freedom for them to take actions and express new ideas. So, the rule of “show how the daily work makes sense” is followed by the human resource development strategy of Google Company.

The third principle of Harvard Business Review called “have rules people can believe in” is also followed by Google Inc. The first proof of that is the fact that all employees of the company are supporting its rules and obligations. They consider that the company has a wise strategy and effective running of the company. In addition, Google Inc. has no punishing system, and employees are following the rules basing only on the awards and moral principles that are settled in the company. So, Google Inc. has managed to develop and implement the rules that employees like, respect and believe in.

Google Inc. Investment in Human Capital

It is beyond all doubt that Google Inc. is constantly making considerable investments in human capital. The investments are divided into financial and organizational ones. As for the financial investment, it is important to lay the stress on the fact that workers receive considerable salary for the work completed. In addition, they are covered with a medical insurance. Google provides discounts for some sports centers, gyms, restaurants hairdresser’s and other services. All these benefits let workers of Google Company save their money. However, the employer suffers considerable expenses providing such benefits for its employees.

Another type of human capital investment is administrative one. It includes all activities, actions, rules and beliefs that are implemented in order to improve working conditions for employees. The company is organizing meetings that are called “honest Q&S sessions” (Riley). Owners of the company and its employees have possibility to talk and discuss all interesting questions. 360 degree feedback is regularly held among employees in order to hear each worker’s needs and improve HR system. In addition, Google Inc. has a strategy of sharing detailed information about company’s strategies, financial situations and plans with all employees. Thus, Google Inc. is constantly making large investments in human capital, which are both organizational and financial.

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In summary, it is impossible to overestimate the meaning of the workplace in human lives. Choosing the workplace is an extremely important process that needs to take considerable time, research and analysis. The Harvard Business Review article called “Creating the Best Workplace on Earth” gives the list of criteria that the organization needs to fit in order to be a perfect place to work at. Although the scientists have developed various theories concerning choosing the working place, employees have to create their own workplace characteristics that they would desire to work at.

Google Inc. has become the object of the research paper, and the company appeared to be very competitive in the labor market. Google Inc. is one of the most powerful multinational corporations that is engaged in creating high-technical products and Internet services. Company’s mission is to organize the world’s information making it globally accessible and useful. Values of the company are supporting well-developed HR strategy aimed at creating healthy working place for its employees. In addition, the company has developed strong corporate culture, where employees are respected, appreciated and taken care of. The company is trying to support health and friendly working climate in the office. Besides, employees are well-stimulated with both financial and non-financial benefits.

One of the most considerable arguments in favor of working in Google Inc. is a positive feedback from the present or former employee. All of them lay the stress on the fact that workers are constantly developing themselves and improving their skills while working in Google Inc. In addition, they have a possibility to make considerable contributions to the most important decisions taken in the company.

Lastly, Google Inc. matches the major part of Harvard Business Review list of the best workplace. Therefore, according to both the scientific studies and personal research, Google Inc. is a great place to work at.

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