Etiquette is a set of practices expected of a person in a specific profession or society. The defined and undefined rules of etiquette govern how people behave. Treating people politely and with respect is expected when one is conducting business. Lack of etiquette often may cause embarrassment and is often offensive to the recipient of the behavior. A lapse in etiquette may cost one a job and in serious situations your life. Most etiquette rules are common sense, which often rises from the idea that one should treat others as they would wish to be treated.

While interacting with people from different cultures it is imperative that you treat people in the best way you know how to and do your research about your new clients. Firms and employees alike need to recognize the link in business protocol and societies expectations. This will help pitch a professional tone. Best practices include defining proper dress code, cubical etiquette, handshake protocol, guest etiquette, dining etiquette, business letter and email protocol and how the office appearance may affect your professional image. Keeping time is an important part in enhancing office etiquette. Also, people form opinions about others depending on their table manners. While dining, observe high standards of table manners. One may lose a huge business deal at the table. Decent sexual conduct is also very crucial. When discussing give people time to respond. Self-confidence is important, people will want to do business with people who are sure of themselves and who in turn they like and respect.

Technology has provided me with many options and tools essential for marketing myself and the company I work with. Marketing and communication have eased drastically as a result of the advances in network, computer and communications technology. It helps me to save and retrieve data with ease and enhances my creativity in many other areas. Technology has also made life faster saves precious that would otherwise have been sent transporting letters. By press of a button, I can access hundreds of clients and get instant replies. Needless to say, adoption of technology saves precious time and capital and also through creativity has helped me establish useful links and earn an extra coin.

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