Media and Public Relations

Mass media is probably as old as the universe and all that has been in it from the start. Animals, human beings and al other forms of life communicate and relate to one another in a special way that is convenient to them all. Media is the channel where information passes through to the recipient.  Without media we would not be able to talk to one another and get to pass those important information and alerts like we do.  Then again there has to be public relations. No matter the definitions one can come up with, public relations tries to make and sieve what media has to channel us

In business world Public relations has a mandate to enhance the company’s or businesses’ reputation. It is important that both public relations interact well with mass media or a communication channel. You can access and posses all the facts and even know what you want to pass, as well as believing that your information is important to the market. Yet it is also possible that you will miss a media placement. Could that be blamed on the way you communicate? (Granat, ac, 1986)


Media is a powerful tool that can be used in appositive and a negative setting depending on what you aim and ambitions are. Media is just a channel; it does not make up all that goes through it.  It has to be fed and commanded. Media will not be practical if we can not give it what it should get and prompt it. In this case, this paper is basing its research and findings on media channel that is one of the oldest broadcast channels.  Radio is definitely one of the ancient media that people could get information from and even to date it is popular and used with all. Radio as a media channel is owned by almost all households and even if one does not own one, the neighbors have it. Radio as a media for information has a history that goes back to about 100 years ago. We are all aware that when the United States entered World War One back in the 1917, she was the sole developer of radio communication.

From the 19th century radio as a media grown in boundaries and inventors have done a good job of changing the modulation frequency from AM to now digital modulation.  Using the radio as media, this paper is bound to go deep into sports journalism. Sport is in many people’s minds and it at times gets a fanatic support. Many have lost lives supporting their favorite sports as their teams win or lose. The radio has also helped restore and maintain the ever vibrant sports fields and lifestyle.

Even though the radio is important source of information and a very reliable media, it is not done enough to make sports journalism as vibrant as other information section of journalism. Take for instance news; it is given the best coverage and passion. That alone has made it a tradition for news to be listened to. Sports on the other hand have just remained to be a game. Some even call it toy of life and that it is nothing to be taken serious (Weiner, n.d). This is the mindset that is evident with radio programmers; they accord sports a minimal notice and acknowledgement. Compared to other forms of entertainment, it is true that few radios in the world have dedicated sports journalism that much needed notice and appreciation.  In most cases you will get comprehensive sports analysis during the weekend when most sports activities are happening. From that day you will have to wait for another seven days to get sports programs. Well, it is in a positive note that some radios have dedicated a whole day seven days a week to sports. This is an effort that should be emulated by others why?  Because, sports is not a mere “toy story of life” because even seven years old play, but a vibrant business that has made many millionaires if not billionaires (Weiner, n.d).

Sports journalism has made sports one of the multi-billion dollar businesses that have global allusion. A broad example can be witnessed by the actions taken by the General Electric chain of business which owns the NBC TV network so that the 2012 Olympic Games can be televised and broadcasted to the American people.

Still in the United States, we have read that many people have created special tax districts; raised motels, hotels, rent-a car, cigarettes and beer taxes to fund stadiums and sports arenas.  The congress has also come between in discrimination legislations that unfairly suppress the other sex for instance the male only golf courses and even going slow on tax companies that are sponsoring sporting events.

These sports benefits are not just to be ignored. The sports journalism is in a position to tackle issues that those other preferred programs can not. As colleges strive in baking and polishing well articulated sports journalists the industry should as well give room and preference to such sports occasions. The editors and programmers should cease from looking at sports as an entertainment forum. They should give it the credit and respect that it commands.  Sports has brought peace and understanding among many warring communities, it has helped create a sense of equality for instance the bold move by the world football governing body, FIFA to make the African Continent host the 2010 was received in all parts of the world as a well thought decision. At least every continent will have hosted the historical event after the 2010 in Africa. That gives the whole world a unity that is much sort after.

Sports journalists must also up their game. They should hold the genre of journalism as any other section of reporting.  Sports journalism should not be taken as a second choice when one is asking for programs or when programs are planed.  In fact a specialization in the field of sports journalism can offer the best breed of sports journalists. It is very lively to watch and report on a game. That is why the whole scenario has to be scrutinized in a closer look.

Many people have been glued to such sports programs such as the “World sports” in British Broadcasting Corporation the BBC. But again the program is not just doing enough to offer the multitude of sports fanatic who are interested in knowing how the teams that they support are performing. Technology has made it easy now, one can quickly log into the teams website and get all the season fixtures and friendly matches that the team will be participating in. but  that alone does not add the human touch, the passion that a human voice  commentating the match live brings. That missing link is the one that is slowly taking sports journalism into oblivion. We should never allow the passion that we used to get listening to such lively sporty arguments die. Sports journalism is in position to rekindle the lost glory but when less airtime is given then that is bound to disappear into thin air.

Even though many will argue that journalism is in a revolutionized state, it should not be the reason why traditional activities such as the live match broadcasting and commentaries should be thrown to wind. We should not only rush to programs that are a business hit and favorite to few elites. What happens to those who can not afford a stadium fee? Do they live ignorantly? No, they should also get sports coverage in a more affordable media like the radio.

The BBC and the “World Sports Show” is doing a commendable work in making sure that all those who tune in get to know what is happening in the world of sports. As we know sports is a fast changing activity and within few moments, the sporting scene can change into a different arena in terms of results and the passion that comes with it. This is why every media should give the activity the needed coverage. There were times when big government and big journalism were able to keep each other in check, (Rosenbaum, 2008)

Media and especially the radio have been subjected to harsh competitions without being improved to meet such sophisticated media channels.  Imagine being told to   play football with a fully able person when you are not. That is unfair competition it can never be fair. How do you expect a show that is not given the much needed time and hype to raise as much income just like other shows that are given priorities? Until we give sports journalism that needed priority, we are shall never rake in full gains of the potential industry. Sports has the potential and those few radios that have dedicated their full time to  broadcast and talk sports the whole day seven days a week are seeing the truth behind this.  Many sponsors are buying airtimes and bring in good income to such radios and shows while the listeners base is soaring day in day out. Many people just listen to other radio shows because they can not get a show that posts sports and gives it the much enthusiasm that the activity brings. We can not say that such people like what they are listening to; they are just forced by circumstances. When they are given a chance to speak out or even be able to listen to something else they will not waste any time. One

Journalism as a whole has been jeopardized and changed from its traditional structure.   The invention of online journalism and social networks has just changed everything about reporting and gate keeping in the industry. One can now post anything he 0r she deems to be fit and can be termed as news in blogs, social network’s walls and forums without having to sieve the whole information. This trend ahs in away brought out a new face of news reporting and journalism as a whole. But like just like music industry has been rejuvenated after the incoming of myspace, iPods, iPhones, and other music equipments we can not say that music industry is now jeopardized. Instead music is now listened to in a broader spectrum (Hammer, ac, 2008).

Once you are able to differentiate the idea of journalism from the business journalism you are able to take a keen look into things in a whole new way. If the idea of journalism is that people can ask authority, debate issues and ideas and also rendering wrongdoings and misdeeds then the coming of blogging , podcasting, vlogging, lifestreaming and micro-blogging all starts to look like new age of journalism(Rosenbaum,2008). Even if the new era of journalism is on course, sports journalism can still make a boom and be an appropriate specialization. It is always possible that when can get sports news and live commentaries through new age machines and channels like the Pandora, iPods, iPhone and other media. Just like the new era has improved news gathering and political analysis, it can create a whole new chapter into sports journalism especially to the young people who will not take a lot of time out with their radios listening to sports programs. Just as we ask for more airtime from radio programmers we also need a new advent of sports journalism in this new age lifestyle. That advent should be something that will captivate the new age with streaming in live sports news and commentaries.

Then just like television is given the broadcast rights to bring live the matches to our sitting rooms and television sets, the radios should also be welcomed back to the arena. It is true that all that is seen and witnessed in traditional way of journalism started with radios since it is the oldest of the traditional broadcast methods. It was radios that used to bring live commentaries to our ears in the earlier days when TVs were still a thing for the elite. But after the popularity of television broadcast expanded and became household radio experienced a lot of gate keeping with most radio broadcast owners preferring to give a lot of airtime to those programs that they think captivates and rake in more income than sports. But if the sports can be given the much needed coverage and preference much more is yet to be seen in the untapped industry. Just like we see sports team get sponsorship and endorsement, our radios shows can be a bee of activities with many companies and corporations looking for that airtime and space so that they can air their commercials in between sports shows. This will raise the standard of commentaries and the journalism schools will bring out broadcasters and journalists who are qualified to handle all sports without looking down upon others. Listeners have varied sports views and liking hence not just a single particular sporting activity should be given a chance. Every other sporting activity should get a maximum amount of time and broadcast. This will make sure that everyone gets a portion of what is favorite sporting discipline. The basket ball lover should get an equal opportunity to participate in their type of sports area just like the football lovers should and the athletics and all other sports discipline should as well. Sports are captivating events that can keep people glued besides their radios for very long time listening and anticipating the probably results from the teams that are clashing.  The world cup is just near and people are preparing to listen to and even watch their favorite teams play, it is time that most radio programmers give the sporting world a much needed publicity and appreciation. This is without doubt what is now needed because that type of sporting even takes more than four years before it is back   and before can enjoy it again.

Sports journalism is still raw and many things can be done to make it more vibrant and captivating. Hopefully this information will fall on the right ears and the people concerned can be able to undertake the most important step towards making sports journalism a popular radio event for the listener. This will also help improver the economic background of such radio stations and the programmer will bankroll because of the bold step taken towards bring sporting actions to the lowest level and to the people who can not afford to get into stadiums.

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