The book enlisted mainly news and details with regards to the diversity of the events prevailing in the Western world (i.e., United States, Canada, Europe, etc.) (“The Queen Who Would Be King” The author of the book has been providing up to date news and alerts of headlines constantly in recent weeks of the upcoming royal wedding in Great Britain (“The Queen Who Would Be King”

The main news provided in this journal book is: “The Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton Would Be King (“The Queen Who Would Be King” 1). The author discusses the several possible future outcome of the union of Prince William and his bride (“The Queen Who Would Be King” 1). The author speculates whether or not the prince and his princess will have a happily forever after lives, in contrast to the romance and union of William’s parents (“The Queen Who Would Be King” 1).

In my opinion, the author of has done significantly meaningful analyses of the much anticipated event of this year. He has made some specific arguments in comparing and contrasting the traits, characters and lives of those of Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and the late Diana. The only minor flaw which the author’s writing might have is not every one in the media may actually make a perfect analyses or predictions.

Furthermore, the author may have overlooked some qualities of Princess Diana, which may be compared to those of Kate’s. The probable reason for this flaw of observation may be due to the huge differences which Diana and Kate may likewise have, even as royal personas.

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