The Comic Movie “Super Size Me” by Morgan Spurlock

The premise of the comic movie “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock about the effects of unhealthy eating lifestyles that have been entrenched in the entire world by the influence of giant food houses such as MacDonald. Morgan Spurlock, through this powerful documentary begins on a journey to prove the general negative effects of dependence on the entre MacDonald’s menu. The premise of the movie revolves around the desire to enlighten viewers on the effect of unhealthy consumption if ready made and fast foods that have been widely embraced by a wider population. The film therefore aims at highlighting the effects of MacDonaldism through clinically proven experiment on the effects of these foods on our body systems – especially when consumed on their own for a period of time.

So many cases have been taken to courts on the effects of these foods but none of these have succeeded. This is simply because of lack of credible evidence to prove that these foods indeed have negative consequences on the lives of individuals. Most of court case decisions have ended because of the plaintiffs’ inabilities to prove that the consumption of such foods is dangerous. The motivation behind “Supersize Me” by Morgan Spurlock is to prove the fact that the consumption of such foods is indeed dangerous to us in many ways. These involves having to go through tests by a cardiologist and a gastroenterologist to prove that his status of health is perfect before the thirty day experiment in which Spurlock will have to feed entirely on MacDonald’s menu. In addition to the above, Spurlock aims at finding the true answer to the question behind the reason as to why Americans are fat. His aim therefore to inform the viewers that Americans are fat because consumption of fast foods and nothing more.

By making himself the test of subject in this documentary, Spurlock is out to prove whether there is a connection between consumption of fast foods and physical and mental health of Americans. I totally agree with the film based on the premise that obesity is becoming the greatest health problem to the Americans. This problem is rampant in America because of the culture of fast foods. In addition to the above, I abide by the efforts of Spurlock because of other research initiatives have pointed at the American culture of fast foods as the core reason behind increase in a number of medical complications such as obesity and heart problems.

The driving factors behind the American food choices are the ease and availability of the foods in the market. MacDonald and other fast food giants have invented ready to consume and packed foods that fit into the lives of the Americans. This movie is not entirely scientific and I strongly believe its findings would not be used in a scientific journal. Its findings cannot stand up to be valid scientific evidence in nutritional journal because of the fact that effects of food consumption takes a long time to impact on an individual. Thirty days is not enough time to generate valid evidence that can be used by scientists. In addition to the above, Spurlock has gone to the extremes such as limiting his daily exercises. It is evident that such extremes would fail to generate valid evidence applicable in scientific research.

The movie had a great effect on the way I think about food choices because it has shed more light to me on the America’s biggest health challenge and dug out at its roots. In addition to the above, I believe Spurlock has managed to entrench in me the need to ask a number of questions that define my food culture. The resolve to involve in healthy food consumption in greater in me than it was before I had a chance to watch this film.

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