Charles Swindoll book report

This book comes out as a great biography of one of the greatest personalities that lit the biblical world; David. The book chronologically, outlines the life of this man whose Godly ways has been reiterated on with much passion in the world of today. This piece of work presents itself as a non dramatic literature whose themes mirror what the contemporary world is supposed to look like or rather be like.

Set in a predominantly biblical background, this piece of literature pronounces the religious theme in a fashionable way much to the expectation of the Christian society. The title of this book acts to depict the nature of the person in context; David. For those of us with strong religious affiliations we can concur with the author that his subject of discussion truly had a great life that could best act as an epitome of what types of lives we are all expected to live. He is depicted to have had a charismatic sense of style that could easily inspire the nation. However, being of a human race like us he was bound to exhibit wonted behavior and characteristic. This is seen in the way he floored to the vices of lust and political empowerment.

Like it is documented even in the holy book – the bible at 2nd Samuel 5:10-12 David was a servant of God who went on to become a great ruler of the greatest dynasty of that time; Israel. Having been chosen and anointed by the Lord Himself 2nd Samuel 5: 12, David was destined for greatness. Therefore, the topic adopted by Swindoll in this case, brings out the best of David and his celebrated life. Considering the author intended to discuss the life lived by David and set it as a perfect example for persons who are already walking along that blessed path, the book comes out to depict all this in an exquisite fashion. The writer manages to attain this by making bare the attributes of David in his walk with the Lord thereby creating kind of cardinalities that those of us who want to walk that road should actually strive to achieve. Like I have already hinted above, these events that mark David’s greatness are sequentially set to allow for the reader to make excellent inferences on the prerequisites of greatness in as far as the walk with God is concerned.

The author, Swindoll, manages to highlight the main points of David’s life from his point of view, of course having to anchor his arguments in the Bible. Being a non dramatic literature Swindoll manages to review David’s life both as a common man and as a great leader as well. He clearly manages to project David as an accomplishment of what great lives should be. The author uses a very formal diction in trying to project his ideas much to the relief of the readers. The style adopted by the author in this case suits the relevance of the topic to the audience in allowing them to clearly pick the lessons that would help them in their spiritual growth. The ideas advanced by the author are well articulated and come out in a clearly developed way such that the reader easily gets to pick his teachings. Being his own perceptions about the life of David, the author manages to convince his readers into buying his ideologies. In this way, understanding this book becomes an easy task to the reader.

He manages to clearly establish his authority. This is because he manages to cover literally all the aspects of David’s life capturing his strongest moments as well as those that seemed to have proven his weakest linking each to the behavioral aspects depicted by Men in the contemporary world. Being a discussion of a character that existed in the ancient times, the author bases all his discussions and evidences from the bible. Considering the authenticity of the bible as a standard measure, his analysis, though susceptible to discussion and objections, are accurate in as far as the referencing made to the bible is concerned. The layout of this literature is perfectly organized to enable the readers to understand its content in a clear way. Basing his references on the bible and other equally great the author manages to create the parallelism of the ancient times and the contemporary setting with an attractive style that makes the book a very interesting piece of work.

Being a third edition, the book has significantly improved in all aspects refining he two previous editions in an excellent. Being an author of a string of books based on the lives of the great people as projected in the bible, Swindoll manages to build a religious text in this book. It is actually the longest considering David is a figure that has been touched on quite expansively in the bible.

About the author

This book is a first among many biblically set literature authored by Charles R. Swindoll. Owing to his texts that predominantly dwell on a religious theme in a bid to instill these teachings to the world of today, Swindoll manages to create a personality of himself as a man whose devotion to the word of God is unrivalled. Currently, Swindoll ministers the word of God at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. His experience in theology has since seen him serve as the chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a family man with a wife and four children plus ten grandchildren.

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