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What is better: to start an online business or try freelancing?

Post date: July 31, 2017

Online Jobs

Online Jobs: Freelancing or Starting a Blog

There are plenty of people who would like to make money on their own and be their own boss. They would like to do something online but they do not know whether it is better for them to start an online blog or to try freelancing. Each entrepreneur has his/her own journey and path to success. Lets look at some details so that you could decide what is better for you: to start an online business or try freelancing.


Freelancers perform certain services and get paid for this. Such services range from writing stories to editing photos and helping people organize feasts and parties. You can turn any random skill into freelancing. Some examples of freelancing include tutoring, photo and video editing, helping people meet their couples, being a tour guide, etc.

Pros of Freelancing

You just perform the service and get paid. You do not have to worry about other aspects like marketing and other things that come along with running your own business.

If you are running a blog, you always have to think about promoting. You constantly must be working on your business without any time off. If you choose a freelancing job, you do not have to think about SEO, trying to find the audience or outsourcing your design work.

Cons of Freelancing

  • You limit your potential income.
  • There is a possibility that you do not have a skill that sells well.
  • You have to be organized and be very good at time management.


Pros of Running Your Own Business

You have a higher income potential as you can make all of the money. Freelancers get paid a flat rate for the services they provide. People who run their own blogs use freelancers to help make big money. Besides, such businessmen can add various income streams to their blogs, such as advertising or affiliate reviews. Freelancers have no option of adding any revenue streams as they usually get paid just for the provided services.
You are in control of every aspect of your business. The decisions concerning the direction you go in and products you release are all yours.

You have a wonderful opportunity to share your ideas with other people. You probably have amazing unique ideas or fascinating stories to share with the world. When you are starting a blog, you get an opportunity to tell them to lots of people. If you are good at telling various stories, then you will be able to become very famous online.

Cons of Running Your Own Business

  • You risk not making any money. Freelancers get paid for their work. Bloggers need find ways to monetize their sites.
  • Everything is on your responsibility. You should worry about all the aspects of your business.
  • There is a high competition. Today every person seems to have his/her blog.

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