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The influence of technology on people can be considered differently. On the one hand, it can make the lives of people better, while, on the other hand, it can have extremely negative influences, if used not properly. However, technology dependence is not recognized by most people as a problem. The article below will provide information on hidden threats technology poses to health of millions of users around the world.

Human dependence on technology is constantly increasing, making people forget about simple precautions that should be taken to save their health. As a result, many people suffer from health problems not knowing what became their reason.

Here are the negative outcomes of using technology:

1. Cellphones

According to the recent researches, the usage of mobile phones can become a reason of a brain cancer. In addition, their usage while driving leads to numerous road accidents.

2. Eyestrain

People spend most of their time looking at different screens without even realizing it. In its turn, it leads to different eye problems. Some of them include, burning sensations, blurred vision, problems with color perception.

3. Problems in Relationship

It may sound weird, but such social networks asFacebook and Twitter become a reason of numerous divorces and breakups. Moreover, they become a reason for development of negative feelings and low self-esteem.

4. Sleep Problems

Taking a laptop or a cellphone with you to bed is not a good idea. Sitting late at your computer interrupts usual biological rhythms and can greatly influence a mental state of a person. Make it a habit to turn off all your devices at nighttime to become healthier.

5. Neck and Back Pains

Being constantly bent over your cellphone or lap top can lead to severe pains in your neck and back. |Do not forget about your posture, if using technology is a part of your daily routine.

6. Privacy Issues

By creating accounts in social media, people tend to lose their privacy. In addition to the information provided at such websites, you can become a victim of hackers, who can steal your personal data and use them for personal needs and illegal activities.

7. Stress

Using too many devices at once can negatively influence our brain. Multi-tasking becomes a reason of tiredness, stress and even rage.

8. Risk of Viewing Inappropriate Content

It is not always necessary to look for some inappropriate content to find it. It can be found in a form of different pop ups that are popular on different websites. Moreover, spam is another problem that cannot only harm you but also your friends and other people who are connected to you through the Internet.

9. Obesity Risk

Sitting at computers can lead to obesity. People who do not engage themselves in physical activities run a risk of becoming obese.

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