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  • Do not behave fanatic

Dating someone is beyond doubt great. However, it is not a reason to lose your mind and to refuse from everything you used to do and from everyone you used to know. Such a great focus on your partner does not have to become a reason for forgetting about your hobbies, family, friends, etc. Moreover, it can make you look quite weird in the eyes if your partner. Not giving your boy/girlfriend a minute to himself/herself is not a good thing to do.

  • Avoid telling lies

The basis of every relationship is truth. If you start your relationship from telling lies (even if it is some innocent lie), you risk ruining everything before it actually begins. It is clear that not telling all truth about yourself at once is a right thing to do, but not telling it at all is also wrong. If you have something to share with your partner which can have a negative influence on your relationship, prepare your boy/girlfriend for that. If you show that you are not afraid to be honest, it can make your connection stronger.

  • Avoid being jealous

Relationship can become a reason for jealousy. Despite the fact that such behavior can seem sweet and indicate that the partner is really interested in building significant relationship, it can also be quite annoying. Checking calls, Facebook profile, reading messages of your loved one is a right way to breach.

  • Avoid comparing

One more way to ruin everything is to start comparing your previous experience in dating someone to the current one. Do not forget that every relationship, as well as every person on earth, is unique. Remember that things will never be the same with another person. Without doubt, some things may not seem as exciting as they were before. On the contrary, some moments may be much better! Do not be afraid to try something now to make your experience better. However, if something is not as good as you wanted it to be, do not compare. Just try to do things better yourself.


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