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Tackling with the Last Minute Research Paper

Post date: December 7, 2017

last minute research paper

Every time you get to the middle of a school year, you come up with more intricate ways of procrastination. So do I. Studying processes can flow tolerable unless you appear to forget tomorrow’s research paper deadline. Then, panic blows your mind and you run from one corner of the room to the other cursing Netflix and all your favorite TV-series. Stop. Take a deep breath and listen how to compose the last minute research paper tonight. Students have already found a solution in case of such disasters. Yet, remember, it’s not what your teacher has taught you to do.

How to write the last minute research paper

Custom research paper writing overnight requires certain guidance and motivation. If you are going to make it, get the working mood and don’t stop.

  1. If you are lucky to choose a topic for your last minute research paper, pick something simple, easy to discuss, with a pile of accessible material to cite. Define your topic and write a first vague draft of your thesis statement.
  2. This time you are writing a research paper basing on other people researches, because you don’t have time. Don’t try to jump over your head.
  3. Start with the research. Break clichés and search on Wikipedia. Despite all controversial judgments, it’s perfect to get a general impression of the theme and borrow an outline. Just don’t copy/paste it to fail your paper from the first look.
  4. Now, you are ready to move to Google. Choose the best parts of the Wikipedia material and find them in other reliable sources. In such a way, you contribute to the reference list along with gathering information. Don’t forget to write down every source.
  5. Among a plenty of online pages, try to use books or print articles to convince your professor you did a real research. Writing a research paper in one night, you may buy cheap Kindle books if you are sure they contain useful information.

Life hack: If you can’t find anything except a sample book, try to guess the page number and include the source to your works cited page.

  1. Copy/paste all attractive and meaningful sentences from different sources to your draft and paraphrase them in your own words. NEVER ever plagiarize anything. Not just because it’s bad, you can get caught.
  2. Don’t forget to form references while rewriting. Delete original text right after paraphrasing.
  3. When you have done the research, and you have almost composed the body, determine your thesis statement in its final version. Make it clear and simple, based on the processed material. It will be the last sentence of your introduction part.
  4. Now, you can organize all your passages in the logical order, put subtitles, write connectional sentences between passages and so on. It’s better to write each part as a small independent essay with its introduction, body, and conclusion.
  5. In the end, write the main introduction and conclusion parts. The first one should contain a short review of the topic, and the last one should highlight the influence of the discussed issue.
  6. Don’t forget to arrange your references properly. Use net to add to your sources.
  7. Finally, look through your paper to correct any mistakes or logical gaps.

Tip: Print your paper in advance; you never know what happens with your printer a few minutes before class.

How to Write a 10-Page Paper in One Night

Whenever you receive a 10-page long research paper to complete, it seems to be a nightmare. However, there is a way of how to write a 10-page paper without much struggle. Don’t shy away from the idea to write a little longer essay. Even if you are not completely sure how to write a 10-page paper with its complex structure and sometimes overwhelming requirements, you can do it. Today, we will help you to master how to write a 10-page paper in one night with ease and brilliance.

How to write a 10-page research paper

To complete such a challenging assignment, you’ll need to calm down and organize your studying process carefully. If you follow these simple steps, which we’ve compiled for you, you’ll be able to compose your masterpiece in one night and get high grades the next day. So, let’s start!

Step 1. Preparations

  • Define your subject. Make sure you understand the submitted theme or if you are free to choose, select something familiar. (The easiest way to write an essay on any topic is to pick up one with the plenty of accessible information.)
  • Look through the material you have found and mark the most interesting parts.
  • Basing on your little research, write down 4-5 sub-topics you are going to discuss in your essay. In such a way, you’ll end up composing a couple of small essays instead of a long boring paper.
  • Write a short plan to help you keep thoughts in one flow while you are working.

Step 2. Writing

  • To claim a strong beginning, put a thesis-statement in the first place.
  • Write a proper introduction part that includes a short description of each sub-topic mentioned in your outline.
  • Complete each part as an independent essay. Maintain the introduction-body-conclusion order in each piece.
  • Come up with subtitles.
  • Don’t postpone bibliography at the end. Write down the name in your reference list just after you quote someone.
  • Edit only after completing the whole essay. In case, you are short of time, it’s better to have an essay with mistakes than to bring only the introduction part.
  • Follow the formatting requirements from the very beginning. If you need to write with bigger spaces and letters than you usually do, you’ll avoid cutting off extra parts in the end. You will also save time on writing your treasured 10-page paper in one night.
  • Don’t forget to press “save” button now and then.
  • Look through your text to find any typos and to check the semantic load. Try to make your essay easy to read and understand. Make sure each part has a logical connection with the previous piece.

Step 3. Review

  • Once you’ve finished writing, save your essay and e-mail it to yourself. A copy in the web will allow you to access your paper from any device and in case of a computer crash.
  • Have some rest. (Seriously.)
  • Proofread your paper. Check whether the whole piece corresponds to the thesis statement at the beginning. Look through the conclusions and bibliography.
  • Give your paper to someone in order to double-check any mistakes or nonconformity.

That’s it! Don’t get desperate; you can do it in time!

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