Nowadays a school uniform is very popular among schools. Nevertheless, lots of students as well as parents object to the enforcement concerning a school uniform. They admit that uniforms deprive their kids of the opportunity to express themselves. Actually, it is not a bad idea to take into consideration as there are some advantages of school uniform. Of course, it might limit somehow the choice of what to wear, but students do not become limited from learning at all. Frankly speaking, this is the only reason why they should attend school every day. Some students believe that school is a great chance to visit a fashion show and sometimes even take part in it. As a result, if we eliminate this, students will learn how to concentrate on the studying process. In addition, schools uniform provides schools with an opportunity to get rid of bullying, helps in combining social classes as well as gives the school a more professional look.

The most well-known argument against school uniforms is about the fact that they deny self-expression. Although school uniforms limit the number of clothes that students could wear in school, every child can still find his/her personal way of self-expression. For example, a student could take advantage of an opportunity to choose whichever hair style or accessories he/she wants. Apart from that shoes are also additional chance to self-expression. School is a place where children get knowledge. In any other places outside of this educational institution, students are allowed to wear as well as express their personality in any way they prefer.

Requiring a school uniform means that all the reasons for bullying disappear. In fact, most of the time bullies make jokes and humiliate kids depending on their styles of clothes. However, what if they wear absolutely the same things too? Bullies will not be tempted to pick on a kid in order to laugh at since they have almost an identical look. Thus, uniforms create an atmosphere in school that is free of bullies.

Wearing uniforms in school unites the social classes. For instance, popular children who were born in the families of very rich parents will wear only the most expensive clothes. On the contrary, the poor, which is a lower social class, will prefer only the cheapest models that they can afford. So, school uniforms make kids from the high and low social classes get together and communicate. No one will be able to define which social class this or that student belongs to.

All in all, school uniforms is one of the best things to have in this educational institution even though this self-expression argument will never end. There are more positive feedbacks regarding those schools where a school uniform is obligatory than negative ones. To add on, bullies don’t do what they used to do, the social classes are not separated. The last but not the least point is that schools gain a formal look that brings attention.

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