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How to Provide a Successful Capstone Project

Post date: July 3, 2018

capstone project writing tips

Why Students Need to Submit Capstone Projects

Writing process helps students practice their academic writing skills as well as professionalism in the respected area of research. Besides, while writing, students hone their capabilities of making quick decisions and solving problems related to their specialties. For some students, writing can be a great and engaging experience. Some students simply like the process of writing and investigating the topic if it is interesting for them. All in all, if you are still unsure how you treat the process of writing, you should try it as something new in your student life.

Without a doubt, preparing for a capstone project alongside with getting ready for exams brings in a lot of troubles. Still, writing a capstone project is far more interesting than preparing ordinary academic assignments as it is your own original work that presents your personal opinion on the given/ selected research topic. You do not need to cram boring information into your head or memorize some uninteresting facts. Moreover, when you have the task to prepare a capstone project, you are free to choose the topic on your own, and thus guarantee that you will work on the paper that is really interesting for you. All in all, the capstone project is your own serious scientific work in your academic career, so make sure to understand it properly and not to make mistakes in the process of writing.

If you are unsure of your own skills and abilities to provide a piece of quality work, feel free to order the project from a trustworthy inline writing service. It does not really matter whether you are working on the project on your own or seeking help from a professional custom writing company – the process of working on the paper will bring you a lot of positive moments and pleasant experiences. If the topic is interesting, you will surely be satisfied with the whole process of preparing the project. It will be the time of new investigations and discoveries and making your personal contribution to the world of science.

Preparing a capstone project is a fundamental part of the studying process regardless of whether you are a high school, college or university student. A capstone project will enable you to solve issues concerning your topic and your research area. Besides, it will help you gain professional and practical skills in your chosen subject area. Mastering your skills at writing capstone projects will help you be more professional in your future career. Nonetheless, regardless of all the positive aspects, writing a capstone project can be a real challenge. Many students are afraid of such serious projects as they may encounter a lot of unexpected difficulties while studying. Still, with the help of great tips on how to write effectively, students will be able to cope with the assignments and tackle future tasks in a much easier way.

How to Write a Senior Capstone Project

When you are a university student at your senior year, you will surely study a capstone source if you follow all requirements for a capstone project. Particularly, one of the major tasks will be writing a capstone project for the course, wherein you have to understand how to start working on it and how to finish it.

First and foremost, you need to take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Specific requirements and project description for the capstone;
  2. Due date;
  3. Topics you have to cover or choose from the list (either choose on your own or from a provided list of topics);
  4. Aims and objectives of the project.

As soon as you have considered these core aspects, next you need to find out how to structure a capstone project properly. As such, you have to get familiar with the major parts of the paper structure.

Structural Parts of the Capstone Project You Should Be Aware:

As you set your mind on preparing a draft for your capstone project, consider devising an outline. When organizing an outline, you should know what the main structural parts of the project are and how to organize them properly. There are two main types of a capstone project – an initial senior paper and the final project paper. The senior capstone paper comprises of the project proposal, whereas the final capstone project forms up the entire project work.

To prepare an initial part of the paper, make sure to include these parts: Title page, Abstract, Table of contents, Introduction, Description of the problem, Literature review, Description of the project, Conclusions and lesson learned, References, Appendices.

  1. Introduction. The opening paragraph should comprise of the background information and the rationale. It is recommended that the introductory section is one page long.
  2. Problem Description. It is important to highlight the core project goals and the core problem of the paper.
  3. Literature Review. Make sure to address the main ideas of the core literature pertaining to the topic.
  4. Project Description. Identify the timeline of the project and specify the methodology as to what is the proper way to carry out the whole project from beginning to its very end.
  5. Provide a list of sources that you used for the project completion. As a rule, the sources should be formatted in APA style.

Now you know how to write the proposal for the project. Working on the final capstone project will require some other steps.

The main difference is that the final project should contain an abstract. It should carefully sum up the whole project and pinpoint to the main project outcomes, main summations, and lessons learned.

Tips on Writing a Senior Capstone Project

Depending on the major students are studying, one can differentiate among different types of capstone projects. For example, if a student studies engineering as a major, it is recommended to use a more practical approach. As a rule, students on engineering course are involved in working on some new design.

All in all, regardless of the discipline, there are a few core recommendations that need to be considered while preparing a capstone project:

  1. Come up with a topic. Many students have freedom to choose the topic they want, so make sure to formulate the topic in such a way to be able to benefit from it.
  2. Conduct in-depth research. Once you have chosen the topic, research as much information as possible about it. Remember to take notes.
  3. Provide an outline of the paper sections to be included into your project. Make sure you follow the schedule of drafts submission.
  4. Use the outline to create the first draft. Do not postpone writing your first draft.

Wait for people’s feedback after writing. Regardless of whether it is your first or final draft, ask someone from your friends or family to read the project and provide you with a feedback.

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