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Do you want to play a game that has kick-started more friends than you can imagine? If your answer is positive, then let’s start right away and you’ll learn how to connect with others. First things first, imagine a desert. Nothing, but a desert around. In this desert, there’s a cube. Now describe this cube. Is it large? How does it look like? Where is this cube situated? Is it made of something specific? You shouldn’t search for the right answers, give YOUR answers instead. Suddenly, you notice a ladder in the dessert and your second task is to describe that ladder. Is it big? Where is it? What materials is it made of? Once you have answered these questions, imagine that you see a horse. Yes, you have heard it right: a horse in the desert. It is not a usual desert after all. Now, describe the horse. What is it doing? Where is it? What color is the horse? Where is it going in relation to the cube? Then you notice flowers and, like other objects before, you have to describe them. Mainly, where are they in relation to the sand, cube, ladder and horse? The final question. There’s a storm in the dessert. Describe it as well. Does it affect the abovementioned objects? Is it near? Is it strong? Now, I’m going to decipher it, so if you wasn’t playing attentively, better do it again, because the text below will destroy your ability to play this game again:

  • The cube is you and the size of the cube is your ego.

If your cube is in the sky – then you’re a cosmopolitan person. The materials of the cube reveal how transparent and opened you are.

  • The ladder is your friends.

If the ladder is robust, you have reliable friends; if it is frail, than you can’t count on them. If the ladder leads to the cube, you are connected to your friends.

  • The horse is your dream partner.

The type of the horse says what you want from your partner. Is the horse far from your cube? Is it affected by the cube or is it watching the cube without any interest?

  • The flowers are children.

The number of flowers that you have imagined represents how many children you want to have. The vitality of the flowers speaks about the health of the children and the placement in relation to the cube shows how close they are to you.

  • The storm is the threat.

It shows your current state of mind and your attitude to risk. If you see yourself in the middle of the storm, it means that you’re in the middle of the unpleasant period or that you’re experiencing the result of some kind of trauma.If the storm is distant, you’re fine.

Wondering if all of that is true? Well, it’s not science, it’s only a game. But you can try it with yourself, your friends and relatives or when dealing with complete strangers, and you’ll see how close to reality it is. Try using it as a tool to know someone in 5 minutes.

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