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Writing a Book Report Essay

Help Writing an Essay on a Book

Writing a book report allows you to present your ideas and analysis of the book. It extracts your understanding and implications of the text of the book. When you conduct your personal analysis of the book, you let the reader assess on one go whether the book is readable and worth spending time on or not and if it has some depth and meaning to it or not.

Every instructor has his own specifications that he gives to his students that he expcts from the book report assignments, but generally the following requirements regarding the content of the analysis is followed and are helping in noting for future reference:

In the introductory paragraph you:

  • Introduction: where the author and the title of the book are briefly discussed
  • Explanation: where the content of the book is discussed in detail
  • Discussion of the Genre and theme: where the central ideas of the book are discussed and classified
  • The author’s biography can also be added to connect his life with this work in the book
  • The thesis of the report is also mentioned where the main idea of the work is highlighted around which the whole book report revolves around.

The body is the heart of the book report where the central idea of the book is discussed. This involves discussion of its theme, the storyline, the background and the main characters. The writer is also required to present his idea of the book in the body of the book report.

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When the brief introduction is given of the author and the story the body follows up with the central idea of the book, this could be love or hatred, societal issues or poverty, etc. It is important to then follow up with the background of this theme where the characters and the settings are discussed. In the book report, the writing does not narrate the story again or summarizes it but it discusses each and every relevant ingredient of the story or writing present in the book. The characters and the plot are discuss din a way that give a clear and definite idea present in the book for the reader of the report.

The following checklist gives strength to the book report:

  • The reason for liking or disliking the book
  • The impression obtained from the book by the writer
  • The lessons learned from the book
  • Whether or not the book is recommended to other readers by the writer of the report
  • Whether or not the book influenced you to pursue other works of the same author.

Conclusion then following the body precisely and briefly summarizes the main ideas once again and gives the reader a bird’s eye view of all of the ideas presented in the book. is a Book Report Writing Help!