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Working Youth Essay Example

Working Youth Free Essay Example

High school students have always been dependent on their guardians, who have been more responsible and concerned on making various decisions related to the (youth). This makes them ineffective and dependent in future. High school students should have summer jobs, and they should be encouraged to be actively involved. The points that support this include; it teaches time management skills, teaches discipline, utilizes time efficiently, keeps them out of trouble, enhances talent and innovation, helps them become independent, they gain life experience, it reduces peer influence, it teaches work ethics, and helps in making responsible decisions.

Once in employment, the youth can be able to make responsible decisions. They are able to get mentors in the work place hence they get inspired to follow their actions. Many people employed are of good conduct hence they are influenced to inculcate responsible behavior which will shape their lives (Becca, 2008 para.3).

It helps in teaching discipline; once they get the summer job, they are incorporated in places where discipline is high. They adapt to the disciplinary conducts of the employer which will enhance the general behavior of the student.

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They utilize time efficiently; when at home during the holidays, much of the time may be spent in watching TV, movies, playing computer games, or visiting friends, all of which are inefficient as compared to working which will help the students earn some money to cater their immediate needs as well as spend time effectively (Should children work in high school or college, 2005 para.6).

It keeps them out of trouble; once the student is working, he/she will be more occupied with work related issues rather than causing trouble with friends elsewhere. It keeps them out of the home environment where they are idle and are prone to causing trouble at any opportune minute. It also helps them to evade issues like premarital sex and watching pornography which may interfere with their social and moral life (MotherNN 2009 para.4).

It supports talent and innovation; students who are exposed in the practical and physical way of doing things will have better understanding of the steps. The talent of the student will be enhanced when he gets work in areas where he/she is talented this will foster experience and innovations for the student in future.

They become independent; once students get the income from the job then they can settle bills that may be hindering their growth. They can save for the college or university education which the parent might have difficulties in paying. Independence can be transformed by the responsible behavior they acquire at the workplace. This makes the student independent in future (MotherNN 2009 para.9).

They gain life experience; once at the work place the student is exposed to many lifestyles from the work mates. They see how many life situations are handled by adults, this will give the student experience to handle such occurrence in future if they occur (Waters, 2009 para.11). The students applying for the jobs are also gaining experience of how to apply for similar jobs and also the experience required by the employer incase of full time employment. It really beautifies curriculum vitas or resume.

It helps reduce peer influence; since the student is involved with adults, he/she is psychologically set up to generate personal ideas rather than those of others. Also the job will occupy much of his/her time giving him less time to be with his peers who might influence him negatively as they interact (Becca, 2008 para.8).

Teaches work ethics; many students are not taught work ethics when at high school thus this summer job is a first hand chance to experience work ethics from the job. This will be useful in future when one is employed full time.

It teaches time management skills; the students are able to plan their time efficiently since they never want to be late for work at any time. They also have other responsibilities at home waiting which require them to plan time efficiently. Students in jobs will balance and have time for everything; this is very crucial for their future (Waters, 2009 para.5).


High school students applying for summer jobs should be considered since their future is shaped by the job. Many will be protected from many negative influences, which mean society will be better in the future. The future depends on what one does today and the students spend more time in shaping their future hence it should be made bright and promising.