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Social Stratification

This is the hierarchical organization of people into power and wealth categories within the society. The concept of class owing to the socio-economic status of people is key to this arrangement of people with a common status. Stratification is a term used in geology to refer to the layers of rocks created by forces of nature. Society follows a similar aspect  (Saunders, 1990).

Thutmose I

Thutmose I was the pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in Egypt Succeeding Amniotes after his death. He expanded his territory further than his predecessors stretching it deep into Nubia and the Levant. His most cited achievement the building of many temples and in the valley of Kings for himself. His son Thutmose II succeeded him to the throne (Farid Atiya et al, 2005).


This is a title for a big man in Sumaria. It referred to the ruler of the city-state, ensi, and then later for a Sumerian King, lugal. This term also means an owner of something, for example a building or the head of a unit like a family or clan. The Lugal was the master who was respected by the ensi. The eldest son succeeded the lugal when he died Hansen, 2002).