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Watching TV

This essay makes me think about the times I was denied chances of watching Television programs apart from cartoons and news. My mother brought us up in a manner that she never wanted media to influence our behaviors. She would prefer giving us permission to go out play with our friends, to sitting at home watching Television programs. She used to use just similar words like what the writer has used as the topic, ‘We Are What We Watch’.

            I really like the kind of introduction that the writer has used, as the writer’s introduction is made up of catchy words, which gives the reader the desire of reading the main body to see what it unfolds. The writer has used better part of the introduction to explain topic of the essay and really bring it in real life situations y the use of catchy words like you ‘you are what you eat’, hence you mind is made up of what you feed. In addition, I like the way the writer has argued out how the TV programs have helped the society in different ways, the writer has uses her own personal experiences as well as lessons she has got from the Television programs.

            The writer bothers me when she claims that TV programs reflect the best and worst part of our culture, yet in the entire essay body, she has just brought out only the better part of the society, how it has helped the society, but she has not explained how the worst part of the society is. It is not true that, even if the program is good, it will always create positive impacts, there might be cases of curiosity, where by some people wants to experience the other part. According to my opinion, the writer should at least show how TV programs have affected the community in the negative way.