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Values Are Products of Human Projection

Values Free Essay Example

Human beings will consider something to be of value if it gives him or her pleasure. The example that Dale uses in his book is that of mountain gorillas: different people will have different opinions concerning these gorillas based on what they think is good or bad. Human beings value what they feel is of benefit to them as opposed to those that bring pain and suffering.

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What human beings consider to be of value in terms of its acceptability in the society is what is seen as good or wrong. This tells us more about the idiosyncratic nature of man in relation to the societal norms. Different societies have different value a judgment because of their unique believes. Gambling might be considered as wrong by one community or pleasurable by another community which finds pleasure in the act. These value judgments do not tell us the natural facts about what is wrong or right but they communicate to us the human nature and character. They tell us about how man interacts with himself or with other people in the society.

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Subjectivism on the other hand explains the notion that moral language depicts the attitudes of the person making the utterance as opposed to telling us facts about the world. The quote that values are the products of human projection is further proven by the subjectivists who use moral language to show their approvals or disapprovals regarding an occurrence or something. People will say something based on how they view it: whether they like it or hate it.

Morale utterances are not used to say more about the environment or nature that creates it, but they are made to gain support from another human being or to show someone’s appreciations for the other.