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The Tattooed Soldier Essay

The Tattooed Soldier Free Essay Example

In the novel by Hector Tobar, The Tattooed Soldier elicits the feelings and lives of the immigrants in America from the Latin American countries and the relationships of these immigrants in relation to what they underwent back home. It a story of vengeance when Antonio meets the murderer of his family back in Guatemala, in Los Angeles. Hector uses the disease to bring out his theme by using disease as a symbolism of the infection the world has intoxicated normal people with until they turn cannibalistic and lethal.

The story is set in the context of the filthy Guatemalan war sponsored by the US against the natives. The people of Guatemala get so infected with the power and bloodshed that normal people like Longerio become so vicious and carry out atrocities against multitudes. The disease that surrounds that native is the inhumane power of a gun and the countries like US and Communists propagate these diseases that plague the lives of innocent natives.

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The theories of contention are communism and capitalism, alien theories of alien powers that affect the people directly when they have no part in their designs. The ideals are ailments which inflict the people so badly they are confounded and mystified by their ideals. Longerio believed he was exterminating communism by wiping out villages and thus his cruelty was fired by the theories of the germs.

Germs are also used symbolically to demonstrate the injustice that drives Antonio to seek vengeance. He knows how the Tattooed soldier gets off too lightly especially since his crimes are terribly heinous. He would neither be punished in Guatemala nor in Los Angeles. The society reeks with injustice full of partialities that render what it stands for as void. The disease is very infectious that eventually disbelief in justice is cultivated and eventually the people who were seemingly innocent get entombed with the disease and act viciously unlike their previous characters like Antonio’s revenge

The Tattooed soldier is about the rot in our society, things are shroud in so much controversies and lies that have virtually pitted the lowly against each other. Those whop run the whole drama are too hallowed to be reached with the repercussions of their designs. They spread lies into hearts of men and they are in the whole world.