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The Positive Aspects of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Sample Free Essay on Stem Cell Research

Various controversial and moral stricken subjects have been put into question in today’s modern society. Some of which include gay marriage, and abortion etc. Yet one of the most controversial has to be stem cell research. Basically Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have two defining properties: the ability to differentiate into other cells and the ability to self-regenerate.

The stem cells are very important to the development of various organisms. The embryonic cells are derived from the embryos. These embryos are usually developed from fertilized eggs in the vitro fertilization clinics after which they are donated for research purposes.  These embryos are not fertilized from woman’s body. These embryos from which human embryonic stem cells are derived from are usually four to five days old and they are hollow microscopic cell balls that are referred to as blastocyst. The blastocyst has three main structures which include trophoblast which is cell layer that surround blastocoels; the blastocoels is a hollow cavity inside the blastocyst as well as the inner cell mass that is usually a group of cells that develop into embryo. This process of growing cells in the laboratory is called cell culture.

The human embryonic stem cells are usually isolated by transferring their inner cell mass into a nutrient broth or culture medium in a plastic laboratory culture dish where they develop and further research is done. There is a procedure that is usually followed towards this research. The first step involves obtaining an egg from the human donor where the nucleus is removed from egg. Then the cells of the skin are taken from the patient where its nucleus or DNA is removed, the skin cell nucleus is then implanted into the egg which reconstructs it to the so called blastocyst that is stimulated by chemical or electric current. After 3 to 5 days, the embryonic stem cells are removed and the blastocyst destroyed. The stem cells can then be used in the generation of tissue or organ that usually matches genetically to the cell donor’s skin.  In what appears to be controversial, there are several questions that arise from the research done on these stem cells. Are this research morally justified? Are these researches of great importance to the society? Due to great achievements that these research provide in the medical field like providing cure for some ailments, then it is very important to carry on these researches and even explore for more important use of the research outcomes (Popular Mechanics 85). The embryonic stem cells are usually blank cells that are yet programmed by the body, these cells are usually flexible and thus can be changed into any form or researched on well.

They are a lot of controversy that is surrounding this stem cell research although the pros outweigh cons to a great extent. The benefits of this research outweigh all other arguments because this is a matter of saving human life. Stem cell research is beneficial to many people because of the fact there are many people suffering from diseases that stem cells play an important role in. Organ transplants are something we have advanced in, but the problem is we don’t have supply of organs to take care of the large demand for them. Stem cell research allows us to help more people in need of organ transplants. Once stem cells reach cell therapy, the final stage, they can replace specialized cells. The specialized cells could be the one causing the disease, and if we replace them with stem cells it could fix the problem.

Stem cell research takes a role in enhancing life. Stem cell research gives hope to people who think there is no possibility of life. We need to take risks because some of the greatest accomplishments for medical researchers is taking risks. Stem cell research can save millions of hopeless lives.

Many people think that stem research is wasting embryos, but it’s not. When mothers, who can’t produce, get embryos implanted in them they only use so many embryos. The embryos that are not used are flushed down the sink, burned, or released so that air that hits them causes them to die. Why not use these embryos for something that can help save people?

Stem cell research is a medical advancement that can save people who thought they didn’t have a chance. It also plays important role in preventing and curing diseases that we thought of as incurable.

The various diseases that have proved to be cured as a result of stem cell research include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart, stroke and Diabetes disease along side with birth defects, spinal cord injuries, replace or repair damaged organs, reduce the transplantation risk and also playing a great role in cancer. All these are of great importance to the society in terms of economic and even social benefits. It would be hard to get the solution of these diseases using other means hence the stem research methods remains to be an effective alternative towards some of these diseases (Holland, Lebacqs & Zoloth 51).

If the cost-benefit analysis is done on this research, the benefit to a great extent outweighs the ethical issues that are usually seen as the hindrances to this research. It is better to heal a disease completely if they are ways to it than to rather than use other complicated ways and methods when they is a simple alternative just because of ethical issues of the society. I would vote for the ways that help the society greatly than sit down and argue of it being unethical. I think it is very vital for one to be treated than look at him struggle with pain when there is a cure that can be exploited and used. Looking at a different perspective, it would even be much better for someone doing an abortion to use it for something useful in this field of stem research. This research also gives a lot of great insight on the basics of the body.

There are several critics against the research; it is argued that the ethical issues behind this research do not justify the benefits that are there.  It has also been argued that the life should not be compromised and that the fertilized egg should be valued as human even if it is in first weeks. Those against the research continue to argue that more ethical methods should be developed like using the adult stem cells so as to enable the research be ethical, but this may not be appropriate or effective because the adult stem cells are not as effective as the embryonic cells. All these cannot overcome the benefits that are there and therefore it is important for the research to go on (Experiment Resources).

It is such a great thing for one to heal the disease and eliminate the great problems that affect the society if there is an alternative. The stem cell research is one of such alternatives that are available and which need to be utilized at all cost. If Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart, stroke and Diabetes disease along side with birth defects, spinal cord injuries, replace or repair damaged organs and other can be treated as a result of this research, then why don’t we just do it and embrace it for the benefit of people. I think human life is of great importance than the arguments that are ever there from time immemorial and which are not only important but useless compared to the life of human beings. As Patrick Henry said, it is either being given liberty or given death. I would rather get the freedom and liberty to do research and come out with more important things than die and leave them. Someone dying from a curable disease is more painful than an abortion. It is of great value than abortion.